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The most humane Nordic style furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-01
When European modern furniture emerged, it appeared that although the functions were reasonable and the price was affordable by most people, the simple geometric shapes were adopted in the shape, forming a sense of rigidity, simplicity, roughness, and indifference. This kind of furniture makes people produce Disgusted, thus doubting whether modern furniture can be accepted. When Nordic Furniture first met the world at the Paris Exposition in 1900, it caused a sensation in the design world with its modern and humane exhibits, which made critics praise it and made consumers very popular. Why does Nordic style furniture have such a unique human touch? We consider the following factors: 1. Family atmosphere The four Nordic countries are located near the Arctic Circle, with long winters and long nights. Due to the characteristics of the climate, people tend to interact at home, so the concept of 'home' is more valued than people in other countries, and the 'atmosphere of home' has been thoroughly studied than in other countries. Therefore, the design of houses, interiors, furniture, furnishings and household items in Northern Europe is saturated with human touch. 2. Traditional style It is the 'tradition' of Nordic furniture design to absorb the traditional style of each nation. The modernization of Nordic style furniture has poured into their respective traditional national characteristics and traditional styles, instead of radically antagonizing modernity and tradition. Therefore, it is easy to make the people of the country and even the people of other countries feel cordial and accepted. It is bound to have traditional national characteristics. Colorful and modern Nordic furniture. 3. Natural materials People in the Nordic region love natural materials. In addition to wood, natural materials such as leather, rattan, and cotton fabric have been given new life. Since the 1950s, Northern Europe has also made classic furniture with artificial materials such as chrome-plated steel pipes, ABS, and fiberglass. However, the use of natural materials as a whole is one of the reasons why Nordic furniture is so human. 4. Handicraft While mechanical processing is used in modern furniture, some furniture is also partially processed by hand. This is one of the characteristics of Nordic furniture and one of the reasons why it is difficult to imitate the exquisite processing of Nordic furniture. 5. The main spirit of simplicity and simplicity is to abandon cumbersomeness, advocating simplicity, emphasizing the essence, and emphasizing function. In short, Nordic furniture did not follow the modernist radicals against all traditions when modern furniture was just emerging, but adopted a steady, thoughtful and analytical attitude towards design reforms. This helped Northern Europe establish a route that was both modern and humane.
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