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The most comprehensive and worthwhile wood knowledge article

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-01
Elm is known as 'elm bumps'. In fact, from the current perspective, Lao Yumu is more like a 'market' veteran with a compassionate style. Whether it is in front of Wangxie Hall or the backyard of the common people, you can see its standing figure, bold and hearty laughter, and embellishment of talents and decorations. The old elm, which is both elegant and popular, occupies a huge market share with its tough character, heavy personality, and well-organized mind, and has won unanimous praise and admiration from everyone! Red sandalwood is a treasured species with a very long growth cycle. It can only become a material for nearly a thousand years. Its sapwood is narrow, the wood is hard, the internal structure is compact, and the density is high, and it sinks in the water. The heartwood is bright red or orange-red. After long-term exposure to the air, the color will become darker and appear purple-red-brown streaks. Red sandalwood can be divided into big leaf red sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood. Beech is also written as 'Alderwood' or 'Alderwood'. Produced in the south of our country, the name is unknown in the north, and this tree is called Nanyu. Although it is not a luxurious wood, it is widely used in traditional furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially among the folk. There are very few resources of Catalpa, and there are very few opportunities for civilians to use it. It is mostly used to make high-end musical instruments and military supplies (such as rifle stocks). It is indeed a precious and high-quality furniture material. With the increasingly scarce wood resources in the world, the collection value of Catalpa wood furniture is increasing day by day. Related reading: The lobular red sandalwood teak wood of the three major tributes of the Ming and Qing dynasties has luster, and the best made in Burma. Teak wood is oily and bright, with uniform color and straight texture. Judging from the texture, teak has obvious ink lines (or blood streaks) and oil spots. The ink lines are distributed in a straight line, and the oil spots are thin and many, which means that the oil is of high quality and good quality. The older the tree, the higher its density. The annual ring is distorted irregularly due to pressure, and after cross-cutting, it presents a supernaturally beautiful pattern, which is delicate and graceful, and is called a grimace by experts. Walnut wood is a world-famous interior decoration material. my country's walnut wood furniture is the most famous among the Shanxi producers and is called 'Jinzuo Furniture'. Camphor wood is a good construction and furniture use, it is not deformed and resistant to insects. Folks often use camphor wood to carve Buddha statues. The cypress tree has a dignified appearance, strong adaptability, strong wind resistance, smoke and dust resistance, fine wood texture, strong quality, water resistance, materials for bridges, furniture, rayon and rope made of stalk fiber. Wenge wood is distributed in subtropical regions of the world, mainly in Southeast Asia and South America. It is named because of the texture similar to 'chicken wings'. The texture is staggered, clear, and the color is abrupt. Among the mahogany, it is a relatively beautiful wood, with a slight fragrance, and the growth rings are not obvious. Tielimu is the hardest kind of wood, and it is a unique and precious broad-leaved tree species. It can be used for military industry, shipbuilding, construction, special machine parts, musical instruments and arts and crafts. Tilli wood seeds contain 74% oil and can be used to make soap. There are two types of rosewood. One is: palm tree, which is produced in various parts of southern China; the other is: Hainan sandalwood, which is produced in various places in the South China Sea. Palm tree has the effects of relieving pain, anti-depression, aphrodisiac, sterilizing, killing insects, stimulating and replenishing the body. Shadowwood is not a specific tree species, but generally refers to the gall that grows when the tree gets sick. There are three types of rosewood: black rosewood, red rosewood, and white rosewood. Their common feature is the smell of edible vinegar during processing, hence the name rosewood. Among the three kinds of rosewood, black rosewood is the best. Its color ranges from purple red to purple brown or purple black, with hard wood and good polishing effect. Some are very close to red sandalwood and are often mistaken for red sandalwood, but most of them have coarser texture. There are two main types of ebony: one is black wood produced in Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, also called 'Jiaowu'. The other is the gloomy wood referred to by the Sichuanese as 'ebony'. The gloomy wood has been used to ward off evil spirits and made into handicrafts, statues of Buddha, and pendants of amulets. Phoebe Phoebe, also known as Phoebe Phoebe and Phoebe Phoebe, is the collective name of various tree species in the genus Phoebe and Phoebe in the genus Lauraceae. There are species such as Phoebe Phoebe, Phoebe Phoebe, and Phoebe. Its wood is hard and expensive, and it is mostly used in shipbuilding and palaces. The largest existing Nanmu Temple is the Changling Lingen Temple in the Ming Dynasty Tombs. There are 60 huge pillars in the temple, all made of a whole piece of golden nanmu wood. At present, the stock of golden nanmu in the market is scarce, and the collection value is increasing day by day.
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