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The most complete wardrobe installation steps in history

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-01
The preparations before installation should be done well. When you look at a certain wardrobe, the sales staff will ask to know the decoration situation of your home. If you have not completed the ground decoration, you should ensure the original ground level of the room in your home. The ceiling is also required to be level, so that it can avoid the case where the cabinet body and door are left with the wall and ceiling due to the non-vertical and horizontal installation of the wardrobe. Tips: If you want to use a closet as a wall-mounted wardrobe, it is recommended that you do not install skirting on the L-shaped position of the wardrobe. Even if the skirting has been installed, the master will remove it for you during installation. Step 1: Start to install the floor with a cloth cushion. Start the assembly from the wide side panel at one end of the wall, and lay the wide side panel flat on the ground (keep a distance of 700mm from the back wall). First, place the plate with the three-in-one rubber stopper flat on the cloth, check that the hole distance is consistent with the drawing, and install the three-in-one single link. Pay attention to the product structure. All fixed positions that intersect horizontally and vertically have a three-in-one connection. The three-in-one screw is installed on the embedded part of the connecting plate, and the installation depth is subject to the rubber sleeve at the lower part of the screw. When assembling, in principle, it is installed around the middle according to the middle. Each plate is wrapped with a screw hole and an eccentric hole. Align the plate with the screw with the screw hole on the corresponding plate. Insert it into the hole, from the eccentric wheel hole you can see about 5mm of the screw head, and then insert the eccentric wheel into the hole (when installing the eccentric wheel, please note that there is an arrow on the surface of the eccentric wheel that indicates the direction to be aligned with the screw rod hole), Turn clockwise to tighten, so that the two intersecting plates can be installed and tightened. During the assembly process, the method of face-down and back-up is adopted to assemble. If there is a space in the front of the cabinet, the internal structure should be installed first, and then an item equal to the height of the space in the front should be placed underneath (generally It is to use the cabinet foot line board or the closing board), then assemble the external panels, and finally install the cabinet foot line. Extended reading: Steps and key points of customizing a wardrobe. Step 2: Installing the back panel. After the cabinet body is assembled, mark the center line of the back panel assembly for the intersecting panels. 1. When assembling the back panel, the angle of the cabinet body must be straightened first. When the ground is relatively level on site, the most common method is to measure the diagonal of the cabinet body with a steel ring ruler. Compare the structure of the drawing, put the back panel on the back of the cabinet for comparison (because the seam of the back panel will be connected to the center line of the corresponding panel according to the largest size during production), and then first insert the back panels on both sides into the two outer backs. In the board slot, put the middle back board. According to the originally drawn back board to fix the center line, extend the back board to the corresponding position, use a 3mm twist drill to drill a hole in the back board screw fixing position to prevent installing screws When the time, the cabinet panel was broken. (When the two back plates are close together to join the joints, you can use a 3mm drill to align the holes between the two back plates, and then screw them between the two backs.) 2. The normal method of fixing the back plates on the peripheral plates There are two types: a. Half groove; Half groove means to make a 7-shaped notch on the inner side of the back of the peripheral plate, and the back plate is placed on the half groove and fixed with iron nails or screws. b. U-shaped groove: The U-shaped groove is to leave a number of positions on the inner side of the peripheral plate and then open the gap, and the back plate is inserted into the gap and fixed by clamping on both sides of the groove. Extended reading: How to customize the wardrobe to save money. Step 3: Erect the cabinet and post-processing 1. After the cabinet is assembled, clean the position of the cabinet before placing it in the designated position, and check whether the wall and the ground intersect. There is unevenness. 2. When the cabinet body is erected, the floor is covered with paper to protect the floor. The protective area should reach half of the cabinet position. When the cabinet body is pushed to 2/3 of the designated position, push the cabinet body diagonally to place the floor paper Peel away. (This method is for heavier and large cabinets.) 3. When the cabinet is moved to 2/3 of the designated position, first install the relatively straight side of the corresponding site against the wall closing plate on the cabinet, because the bright side can be used Be careful when fixing the self-tapping screw directly on the cabinet body to install the closing plate, and the tight seam must be flattened. 4. After the one side closing is installed, continue moving the cabinet body to the designated position until the front of the cabinet body meets the pre-designed requirements, and the side with the installed closing plate should also be moved to the wall. Extended reading: Detailed hardware knowledge of custom sliding door wardrobe 5. After the cabinet body enters the pre-position and adjusts the front and the side of the closing plate, check and adjust the overall vertical and front bending. If it is a site where both sides enter the wall, after the overall adjustment is completed, the other side will be closed. (The normal design is that the left and right sides of the double entry wall have a thickness of the closing position.) Because it cannot be in a hidden place Attached to the self-working screw, the closing here is usually directly pasted with quick-drying 502 glue. The top closing board should be cut and seamed according to the size of the three points or more on the left, middle and right of the site. After closing, put glass glue on the connecting wood tip of the sealing board and the top board before installation. (When adjusting the cabinet, if there is a swing door, you must install the swing door before adjusting.) 6. If there is a reserved power supply or other objects that need to be introduced into the cabinet on site, it must be moved before the cabinet body is moved into the predetermined position. Measure the position accurately and open the hole. Generally, it is recommended that customers keep the thread or position, and install the socket or other items in the cabinet after the cabinet body is installed. 7. Since the overall custom-made furniture is produced by the combination of the product and the site, when the product is combined with the site, there will be some situations that cannot be completely consistent with the site. In this regard, porcelain white glass glue is generally used to fill the gaps, and special attention should be paid to the smoothness of the surface and the cleanliness of the cabinet body when applying glass glue.
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