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The moisture content of wood is about 8% and it is not easy to deform

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-29
If the indoor temperature and humidity change greatly, some wood products will have problems such as cracking, warping and deformation. Most of these quality problems lie in the moisture content of wood products. Whether it is solid wood materials or artificial boards, all wood products contain a certain amount of moisture. Many consumers believe that the drier the wood is, the better. In fact, this view is not correct. Only when the moisture content of wood is kept stable within the normal range, can it be ensured that there will be no quality problems in the decoration. For wood materials used in general households, the moisture content should be around 8%. If the moisture content is too high or too low, it will cause quality problems in the wood in the home improvement. In order to keep the moisture content of wood stable, you should pay attention to the following points: First, use more artificial boards. Compared with solid wood materials, the texture properties of various man-made boards are much more stable. Because solid wood materials have textures, cracking, warping and deformation will inevitably occur when the temperature and humidity change greatly. The man-made board is to decompose the wood into wood chips or wood pulp, and then make the board again. Because the original physical structure of wood is broken, when the temperature and humidity change greatly, the 'deformation' of wood-based panels is much smaller than that of solid wood. The second is to pay attention to details in construction. In home decoration, the key to the quality of wood lies in the construction, especially the details: after all the wood products are installed, they must be painted immediately. This layer of paint, called 'overcoatAt present, in home decoration, white latex is generally used as the bonding agent for the joints of wood products. In order to cut corners, some workers mixed water in white latex. This not only reduces the strength of the adhesive, but also the wood products are prone to quality problems after absorbing moisture; all woods need to be placed for a few days. After you buy the wood used for decoration, it is best to leave it at the decoration site for a few days before using it. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of the wood close to the level of the new home. The third is to be careful when buying materials. When you buy wood for decoration, it is impossible to determine the moisture content of the wood just by looking and touching. Therefore, some people sigh: If only by visual inspection, the moisture content of wood can be described as 'difficult to distinguish.' In fact, there are some tips that can help you determine whether the moisture content of the wood is qualified. Generally, the dry wood has obvious characteristics, significantly reduced weight, does not feel cool in the hand, has a crisp beating sound, makes a rustle when pushing, and the shavings become hot and the surface is smooth. The wood with high moisture content is heavier, feels cold, not crispy when shaving, and even shavings leak water. This type of wood cannot be used. Related reading: How to prevent mahogany furniture from cracking mahogany furniture maintenance method
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