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The master: the fine wood in Ming-style furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-03
It is true that modern people have elevated Ming-style furniture to the height of art, and it has only been a few decades. For a long time, a large number of people have the inherent impression of Ming-style furniture that is simple and simple. Therefore, these people psychologically reject Ming-style furniture carvings, and even have extreme views that are not inadequate. In fact, modern people have elevated Ming-style furniture to the height of art, and it has only been a few decades. We are still in the learning stage for the knowledge and understanding of Ming-style furniture. Although Ming-style furniture is included in the category of Guangsu furniture, in fact, fine wood is ubiquitous in Ming-style furniture, and the decoration in Ming-style furniture can be regarded as the master of the previous generation. Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty Huanghuali official leather suitcase with embossed dragon pattern. Performance theme: all-inclusive. In terms of content, landscape figures, birds and beasts, flowers, insects, fish, ancient artifacts, festive and auspicious, and even certain Western patterns, etc., are all-encompassing and wonderful. If you carefully scrutinize, there are quite a few rules to be found. For example, the common beasts in Ming-style furniture obviously bear the legacy of the statues of the Qin and Han Dynasties, Wei, Jin and the Southern and Northern Dynasties. They are majestic and extensive, which reminds one of the heavy and unrestrained ancient stone beasts of the Six Dynasties. It has inherited the legacy of the Tang Dynasty and fully embodies a fierce and luxurious, full and grand aesthetic pursuit; landscape figures often have plots and stories in novels and operas since the Yuan Dynasty; Boguwen case During the Shangqi and Shang and Zhou Dynasties, the artistic conception is ancient, and it seems to have the dark aesthetics of gold and stone. From the cultural heritage of the Ming Huanghuali square table, the plum pattern relief can still be seen in the use of these fine woods in the Qing style furniture, but it is different from the latter kind. The mentality of pursuing the difficulty of craftsmanship without considering trade-offs is very different. Extended reading: Six exquisites of Ming-style furniture and twenty-four beauty of carving craftsmanship: In general, the main carvings in Ming-style furniture still include round carving, relief, openwork, semi-relief, semi-openwork, etc., they may be used alone It may also be presented in a comprehensive manner, but they are all properly arranged according to wood and specific production, and they are by no means mixed together. Among them, round carvings are mostly used in furniture decoration, etc.; reliefs are divided into high and shallow, and the carved surface is raised, often overlapping multiple layers, showing a certain three-dimensional feeling; The knife substitutes the pen, like a line drawing, showing the ornamentation; the openwork is to remove some of the patterns other than the hollow, forming a true and false, small and exquisite beauty. It is mostly used for decorations such as backboards, clip flowers, hanging teeth, etc., such as in armchairs and screens. , Mirror stage and other parts of the area. Ming Huanghuali clothes hanger round carving for brains and openwork hanging teeth Ming Huanghuali round back chair with unicorn pattern openwork Ming red sandalwood painting table embossed ganoderma pattern (side) In addition to carving, inlay craftsmanship is also extremely individual use in Ming-style furniture. Such as snail inlay and miscellaneous treasure inlay. This is undoubtedly a very innovative field in the common understanding of Ming-style furniture. Late Ming Dynasty Huanghuali inlaid with hundred treasures Kang table Late Ming and early Qing Dynasty Huanghuali inlaid treasure 'Fanren presents treasures' Ming-style furniture with cabinets based on calm and dignity, scientific and rigorous. However, the carvings and decorations have a completely different style and appearance. Whether landscape flowers, birds, beasts, insects, fish, or character stories, myths and legends, most of them have romantic and unrestrained characteristics. It is precisely these decorations that form a sharp contrast with the dignified and solemn shape, adding a flowing temperament to the quiet 'Ming-style'. All in all, fine wood carving plays a pivotal role in Ming furniture art. It is an inseparable and important part of Ming-style furniture, embodies the wisdom of Ming-style furniture design aesthetics, and conveys the pursuit and aesthetic taste of Ming Dynasty craftsmanship. At the same time, cabinetwork has a broad cultural connotation and is a brilliant creation of Chinese carving art form, while Ming-style furniture is only one of its dazzling windows.
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