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The mahogany lacquer you have to know

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-22
Mahogany furniture is well-known as traditional furniture in our country. It has long been marked with 'high-end' and 'precious' labels. It is not only a daily necessities for people, but also a handicraft with traditional cultural characteristics. There is a 'coating process' in the manufacturing process of mahogany furniture, which is one of the important processes that affect the appearance of mahogany furniture. Speaking of finishing process, people will naturally think of raw lacquer (also known as 'national lacquer'). As a special product of our country, raw lacquer is known as the 'king of paint' in the world. Our ancestors have accumulated rich experience in cultivation, harvesting, and use of raw lacquer. According to written records, the technology of planting lacquer trees and using lacquer has been developed during the pre-Qin period in my country. 'The Book of Songs and Wind' contains: 'Dingzhi Fangzhong, made in the palace of Chu, Gu Zhi said, made in the Chu room, tree hazel, chestnut, Tong, Zi, lacquer'. It can be seen that in the pre-Qin period, lacquer was already a common cultivated economic tree species in our country. In terms of use, from the discovered antiquities, we have also seen many examples of the early use of raw lacquer by the ancestors, such as the lacquered wooden bowl excavated in Hemudu Village, Yuyao, Zhejiang in 1978, and so on. 1. Raw lacquer Raw lacquer (natural lacquer), a little called 'earth lacquerIt is a milky white gelatinous liquid harvested from the knee tree. Once exposed to air, it turns brown. After a few hours, the surface hardens to form patent leather. 2. Raw lacquer process Raw lacquer process is a means of maintaining and beautifying wooden furniture in traditional Chinese furniture technology. Raw lacquer is harvested from natural lacquer trees, and the classic homes are painted, retaining the natural wood color and natural texture. The lacquer process is a green and natural wood-making technique, which has little pollution to the environment and harm to the human body. Relatively speaking, it is a relatively time-consuming and labor-intensive ancient technique. 3. Production of raw lacquer-cutting lacquer At present, there are 4 kinds of raw lacquer produced in our country: 1. Maoba lacquer: produced in Maoba Town, Lichuan County, Hubei Province, the lacquer is light yellow and sour; 2. Big wood lacquer: wild Lacquer or artificially cultivated female Lacquer lacquer, milky white, sour smell; 3. Small wood lacquer: is the lacquer produced by other varieties of artificially cultivated Lacquer, with a yellowish grain and a delicate smell; 4. Oilseed lacquer: special Small wood lacquer, sauce purple, light smell. The lacquer cutting skills seem simple, but there are many exquisites. After the small crescent-shaped mouth of the sumac tree is cut diagonally, the raw lacquer will flow out along the edge of the cut. Paint cutters generally use clam shells as containers, insert them under the mouth, and let the raw lacquer slowly flow into the clam shells. The paint can be collected after one or two hours. In a tree, the paint can be cut at intervals of about 80 cm. The cuts can be cut once a week, and each cut will increase a little. One cut can be cut about 20 times a year, and the cut cuts go through three to five The year will close again. A lacquer tree can only cut 10 kilograms of raw lacquer throughout its life cycle, and 3000 lacquer trees collect one kilogram of raw lacquer. There are strict paint cutting systems and methods. A little carelessness will lead to the death of the sumac tree. 'Jin paint'. Lacquer farmers usually go into the mountains in the middle of the night and change their clam shells every few seconds. Therefore, the price of large lacquer on the market is extremely expensive. 4. The process of raw lacquer 1. Using pure raw lacquer to remove the lacquer, it is accustomed to using wooden and oily utensils, such as red rosewood, ebony, and other valuable furniture, which are now seldom used. 2. The modern lacquer lacquer process adopts mixed lacquer (chemical lacquer for the back cover process and raw lacquer for the surface lacquer). Many mahogany furniture sold on the market use this raw lacquer process to treat the surface of the furniture, which is especially suitable for wenge and rosewood. The mahogany furniture made of wood has high gloss, corrosion resistance, toughness and wear resistance after the paint film is formed. Related reading: Mahogany furniture production process, there are pictures and truth The main process of raw lacquer includes multiple steps such as primer (also known as 'substrate')-scraping surface paint-matte leather-and then lacquering. Every time the furniture is painted, sandpaper is required to be sanded after it is dried, then painted, and then polished. This process needs to be repeated more than a dozen times. In this process, the furniture has to be sent to the shade room many times, because the paint film can only be dried under a certain humidity and temperature. It takes about a month for a set of furniture to complete the whole set of procedures. The raw lacquer process is complicated. Only the mahogany furniture made by pure handwork can use raw lacquer. Therefore, there are very few mahogany furniture made with pure raw lacquer. 5. The advantages of raw lacquer technology 1. The raw lacquer film is bright, durable in color, and has excellent gloss retention performance, so it will not change color for a long time, is not easy to be polluted, is not afraid of insects and is not affected by temperature. 2. Long service life, with anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof insulation, oxidation resistance, friction resistance, high temperature resistance and other functions. The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the capital of my country, has been around for hundreds of years. 3. The permeability of the raw lacquer is good, which will show the texture and pores of the wood more realistically, and show the natural beauty of the material. 4. The lacquered furniture will become brighter and brighter as it is used. 5. Raw lacquer is a pure natural lacquer. After drying to form a film, it has zero pollution, no toxicity, and no radiation. It is the best product for pursuing nature and environmental protection. Raw lacquer has a sense of life. The newly completed work is like a baby, growing over the years, and each layer of lacquer also has a different 'awake' state. When opened, it is the warm and moist beauty created by the time when the lacquer is stored. . It is precisely this characteristic that makes the lacquerware works enduring forever, always glowing with an artistic charm that will never decay, and to record and pass on the long and glorious Chinese civilization. (Source: Internet)
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