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The layout method of European style furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-18
European furniture is divided into many styles: Spanish furniture: The biggest feature of Spanish furniture is the use of carving techniques. The carving decoration in the furniture is deeply influenced by Gothic architecture, and the flame-style Gothic lattices are mostly embossed on the details of the furniture. French furniture: The material of French classical furniture is basically cherry wood. No matter whether beech or oak is popular in other regions, French classical and modern furniture have always insisted on using this material. Italian furniture: It combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary advanced technology. Its most notable feature is the clever use of the golden section to make the furniture present the beauty of just the right proportions. Extended reading: How to buy real European-style furniture. Tips for European and American style home decoration. First of all, the European details on the furniture should be commensurate with the hard decoration. You should choose dark-colored furniture with western retro patterns and very westernized modeling furniture, and a big atmosphere Harmony with the tone. Color matching: The background color of European style is mostly white and light color, while the furniture can be white or dark, but it should be a series and the style is unified. At the same time, some fabric fabrics and textures are very important, linen and canvas fabrics are not very fashionable, and silk fabrics are more noble. Floor: If it is a duplex house, the floor of the lobby on the first floor can be laid with stone, which will appear atmospheric. If it is an ordinary room, it is better to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If part of the floor is used, and part of the floor tiles, the room will appear small. Extended reading: The color matching scheme of European furniture. Decorative painting: The room decorated in European style should be matched with cumbersome lines and thick-looking frames. And it does not exclude gold, carving, or even a grander look. On the contrary, this is precisely the style. Lamps: The shiny steel lamps are a big failure, and they are incompatible with the European style. The gorgeous and broken crystal lamps are best not to be used. It can be some lamps with softer contour lines or soft light, like wrought iron branch lamps are a good choice, with a little shape and a little austere. Wallpaper: You can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room. For example, wallpapers with Bible stories and characters are very typical European style. In North American style, stripes and broken flowers are also very common.
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