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The latest technology and application of modern furniture hardware

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-14
Looking at the latest technology and application of modern furniture hardware, there are mainly six aspects as follows: 1. In modern furniture hardware, the combination of glass, high-gloss materials (acrylic, baking varnish, high-gloss veneer materials, etc.) and metal materials with traditional furniture panels The usage ratio has an upward trend. For example, the application of all-glass door hardware is gradually increasing. 2. The damping function has become an indispensable function of various furniture. For example, damping drawer rails, damping door hinges, damping sliding door hardware, damping door bumps, damping up and down door hardware, etc. are more commonly used now. For example, there are four types of damping hinges: surface-mounted hinge arm, surface-mounted hinge cup, hidden hinge cup, late-stage card-mounted damping, surface-mounted door damping, and installed door damping. Damping upturn support. Shoe cabinet hardware with damping. 3. Liftable combined table shelf system, desktop shelf management system, such as: LCD display stand, phone stand, etc. Various wire management systems, such as desktop dark sockets and various special hardware are widely used in office furniture. For example: heavy-duty basket drawers, office door hinges, etc., can be raised and lowered combined table frames, 4. Push-open door hinges, drawer rails and concealed handles are widely used in furniture without handles and concealed handle furniture, such as: PUSH hinges, push Pin, PUSH drawer rail, concealed handle. Concealed connector refers to the connection between two boards, the connector is invisible from the outside, and there are many ways to connect. Concealed handle furniture does not seem to have a handle on the surface. It is used more on kitchen cabinets. Hall cabinets are also used now. These push-type anklets must be pressed when they are opened. 5. A variety of new advanced disassembly and assembly furniture connectors are widely used; such as Onefix, Slimfix, Pushfix, Caravan, etc. 6. The new borderless honeycomb panel is widely used in furniture manufacturing. The borderless honeycomb panel puts forward higher demand for the hardware factory, and the hardware it needs needs to be completely developed. The traditional honeycomb panel has a frame, and the veneer can be particleboard, fireproof board or veneer. This new type of borderless honeycomb panel is lighter in weight and easier to process, and has been well received by furniture manufacturers in Europe. The thickness of the board can be 38m2, 40m2, 50m2, and theoretically it can reach 120m2. In Europe, designers who use this board to design furniture have already appeared.
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