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The key points of Ming and Qing furniture collection appraisal

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-03
Collecting antique furniture has become popular now. If you want to collect real Ming and Qing furniture without appraisal, it is no good. Appraisal of Ming and Qing furniture requires mastering the evolution of shapes, materials and patterns. For example, straight legs are early and bent legs are late; the inward bends early and the outwards are late; the carved bamboo pattern is more after the early Qing Dynasty, but less in the Ming Dynasty; the Eight Immortal tables and Taishi chairs did not appear until the middle of the Qing Dynasty; marble tabletops are more common in the Qing Dynasty, and very few in the Ming Dynasty; The main materials of the pieces of furniture are mostly the same tree; the lacquer dust is generally laid between the planes of the two components to make the plane smooth and not warped. The lacquer ash of the Ming Dynasty is a kind of hemp ash, made from raw lacquer. Hemp and wood ash are mixed, and imitations are often mixed with gypsum powder. The red sandalwood is as dark as lacquer, with fine texture, like cow hair, so it is commonly known as 'cow hair pattern' with minimal walkability and fine wood, suitable for micro-carving. If it is a black-red furniture that is carefully carved, it can be preliminarily classified as red sandalwood furniture, because the mahogany is too finely carved and easy to crack; the characteristic of Huanghuali is that it is not sticky, and it is easy to wipe off after dyeing. Huanghuali has a scent; the woody wood and iron pear are thick and unsuitable for fine carving; the ebony is brittle, not suitable for carving, and small bursts are common in facets; the side light of golden nanmu can see strands of golden thread.
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