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The importance of solid wood furniture moisture content

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-23
The main role of furniture in modern households is wooden furniture. Among them, solid wood furniture occupies the main battlefield of high-end consumption. However, when most people buy wooden furniture, they often only look at the style and board, while other issues related to the quality of the furniture. The details are half-knowledgeable or indifferent. In fact, when buying wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, the moisture content of the wood, the processing of the paint film, the connection of the tenon structure, etc. are all places that should be paid more attention to, especially when you choose off-site wood. It should be said that the moisture content of wood has a great relationship with the internal quality of furniture. The moisture content is not intuitive but important. Some consumers have reported that the solid wood floor of their own has not been used for a year before cracking occurred. However, I usually pay attention to protection. How can such a phenomenon occur? In fact, it is not only solid wood flooring, but also some solid wood furniture, doors and windows, etc., and the most direct cause of this phenomenon is the moisture content of the wood. Under normal circumstances, wood itself contains a certain amount of moisture, so it will be dried before the furniture is made. This is well known. However, drying must follow certain standards, even if the moisture content of the furniture material and the use The average moisture content of the regional atmosphere remains the same. When buying wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, if there is no professional detector, it is difficult for consumers to know whether the wooden furniture meets the required standards. However, we cannot ignore the importance of water content just because it cannot be visualized. Due to different geographical locations, the average moisture content in the atmosphere will vary. Therefore, different regions have different requirements for the moisture content of wooden furniture. For example, the average moisture content of the air in Beijing is 11.4%, while the average moisture content in the south is 14%. About, the specific requirements for furniture are between plus or minus 1 of the local average moisture content. The moisture content directly affects the quality and use of wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture. If the moisture content is low, wood will absorb moisture in the air and cause the furniture to expand and deform; and if the moisture content is high, the furniture will face the danger of cracking. Generally speaking, for wooden furniture, especially solid wood furniture, its moisture content is better than the average moisture content of the local air, for example, 1 to 2%. For example, in the Beijing market, there are many products whose wood comes from the south, or is directly produced in the south and then shipped over. It is conceivable that the air in the south is wetter than the north, and the moisture content of the wood there is higher than that in the north, so the wood in the south Furniture, especially solid wood furniture and wood, must undergo strict damp removal treatment, and there are two problems in this, one is the requirement of construction technology, the other is the requirement of cost, if the coordination of the two aspects ultimately fails to ensure the If the rate is effectively handled, southern wooden furniture is indeed more prone to problems in the northern environment. In addition, the moisture content of furniture materials is directly affected by the air moisture content. When the air humidity is high, the moisture content of the furniture material will increase slightly, and when the air is dry, the moisture content of the furniture material will also decrease. At the same time, the more new wood and new furniture, the more obvious this change will be. Generally after one to two years, the stability of the wood in a relatively fixed environment is enhanced, and the influence of air humidity on the furniture is gradually reduced. Although the moisture content of wood is measured by a tester, consumers can still test it by some simple methods. You can touch the surface of the wooden furniture with your hands. If there is a feeling of moisture and coldness, it indicates that the furniture is good. The moisture content may be high. However, because consumers see samples that have been placed in the store for a certain period of time, their moisture content is almost at equilibrium, so if you are not at ease about the moisture content of the furniture, new furniture must be tested by a professional detector.
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