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The implied meaning of mahogany carved patterns——Character patterns that are entertaining and entertaining

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-27
Among the carved patterns of mahogany furniture, the figure-shaped figure is also one of the most important carving patterns that people choose. Carving the figure-shaped pattern on the furniture not only plays a beautifying effect, but also becomes a carrier of cultural transmission. Whether it's tables, chairs, doors or windows, the characters carved with patterns are very artistic, and you can taste them carefully, just like reading a legendary novel. They are silently telling their stories like people. 1. Tianguan Tianguan is the respect of the three officials and is in charge of blessing. The folks are commensurate with the blessing stars, often juxtaposed with the stars of Lu Xing and the stars of longevity. It is composed of patterns such as 'Blessing from Heavenly Officials2. Birthday stars are often carved on the top hats of shrines and screens. 3. Hetai Erxian is often used in the middle pattern of the eyebrow board and flower board of the bed. 4. Characters in traditional operas often form patterns based on one or more scenes of traditional drama fragments, so that people can live in aesthetic education, entertaining and entertaining, and enjoy peace in all seasons and good weather. Opera characters are often used in conjunction with pavilions and towers, often displayed on the front of lacquered vertical cabinets and cabinets. Related reading: teach you how to clean mahogany furniture correctly. There are Tieguai Li, Han Zhongli, Zhang Guolao, Lu Dongbin, He Xiangu, Uncle Cao Guo, Lan Caihe, and Han Xiangzi. The Eight Immortals are Ming Eight Immortals, specially carved out the patterns of the eight immortals. The Dark Eight Immortals refer to the shape of the artifacts of the eight immortals, and they often appear on furniture, such as the Eight Immortals table. (1) Gourd: Li Tieguai’s treasure, the medicine gourd, is said to be able to absorb the water of the sea. (2) Fish drum: Zhang Guolao’s treasure, the fish drum and donkey. It is said that listening to its voice can understand the things of the past and future generations. (3) Yin-Yang Board: Uncle Cao’s treasure, Yin-Yang Board, it is said that listening to its voice can bring back the dead. (4) Lotus: Lotus is the treasure of Xiangu He. According to legend, Xiangu He is the only female fairy among the Eight Immortals. Using lotus as a magic weapon can make people resurrect and immortal. (5) Banana Fan: The Banana Fan, a treasure of Han Zhongli, is said to be able to avoid strong wind and heavy rain. (6) Sword: Lu Dongbin's treasure sword, legend has it that every time a monster encounters a monster, it will automatically be out of its sheath to remove the monster. (7) Flower basket: Han Xiangzi’s Treasure Flower Basket, legend has it that it can absorb all the sea water and is matched with fairy peaches, which can make people live longer. (8) Flute: Lan Caihe's treasure flute, called Shunfeng Flute. Legend has it that you can find your soulmate with the wind. However, these carved patterns have rarely appeared in modern mahogany furniture. It may be because of the craftsman's engraving work, or because the patterns are complicated and difficult to clean. But its beautiful meaning has always been there, and they will be passed on from generation to generation, telling people the stories many, many years ago.
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