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The implication of the mahogany carving pattern-the pattern of flowers, grass, fish and insects celebrating Najib

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-28
The festive patterns of flowers, grass, fish and insects have been one of the main patterns of furniture decoration since ancient times. The patterns of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum were more sought after by literati. They also have their own corresponding meanings, showing the user's character. 1. The plum is said to have four virtues based on character: 'Born as the original, blooming as prosperous, fruiting for profit, maturity as chaste'; also said that the five petals of plum blossoms symbolize the five blessings, that is, happiness, happiness, longevity, smoothness, and peace. . It can be seen on various utensils and furniture. 2. Bamboo, with its noble character and behavior theme, constitutes evergreen (clean) auspicious patterns, which are widely used in life; the pictures of pine, bamboo, and plum are called 'three friends in the cold'; pine, bamboo, plum, and moon The pattern of water is called 'Five Qing Tu'; the pattern of pine, bamboo, day lily, orchid, and longevity stone is called 'Wu Rui Tu'; the pattern of painted bamboo and pumpkin or periwinkle means 'forever' or 'everlasting spring'; painted sky Nanzhu and Ganoderma lucidum represent 'natural wishfulness'. Bamboo is also a homophonic 'BlessingOn the furniture, there are bamboo legs, a pull frame carved in the shape of a bamboo joint, and a supporting chair and table made into a bamboo joint as a whole. 3. Pomegranate Pomegranate as a mascot is a symbol of many children and happiness. Such as 'Liu Kai Baizi'. Bergamot, peach, and pomegranate are also called 'Hua Feng San Zhu'. 4. Peony peony is known as the king of flowers, national color, heavenly fragrance, and wealthy flower. Therefore, it is often used as an important subject of auspicious pictures; such as 'a product of official equipmentHe daffodils represent gods and wealth; peony and ten ancient coins represent 'perfect wealth.' These patterns mostly appear in furniture and utensils. 5. The lotus (lotus) flower is closely related to Buddhism. Therefore, the Buddha seat is called 'LiantaiLotus niche'. The 'three metaphors of lotus' in Buddhism refer to 'the origin of the lotusHis idols, artifacts, and buildings are all decorated with this. Among the patterns in the Ming Dynasty, there are 'a product of incorruptibilityIt is mostly used for pattern carving or lacquering on furniture panels. Related reading: Common carving techniques of classical furniture 6. Baoxianghua is one of the ancient auspicious patterns, usually with a certain flower (such as peony, lotus) as the main body, and other mosaics of different shapes and sizes in the middle; especially The stamen and the base of the petals of the flower are arranged regularly with round beads, just like shimmering orbs, coupled with multi-layered fading, it looks pearly and magnificent, so it is called 'precious-phase flower'; it is mostly used in lacquer decoration or Inlay. Baoxianghua is used in a wide range, and patterns of Baoxianghua can be seen in traditional furniture, wood carvings and lacquer decorations. Baoxiang patterns are mostly flat flowers, but elliptical and irregular shapes can also be seen, and there are also vertical carving patterns. 7. Taotao is commonly known as Xiantao and Shoutao. The theme of birthday celebrations cannot be separated from the peach. For example, the pattern formed by many bats and peaches means 'blessings and longevity'; the pattern of bats, peaches and two ancient coins means 'blessings and longevity'; the fairy holds the peach and stands on the peach The pattern under the tree is called 'Peach Blossom Offering'; the pattern formed by sweet-scented osmanthus and peach or peach blossom is called 'Guishou Promise'. In addition, the 'Jade Lake Celebration' is inseparable from peaches. Its patterns are mostly found on the carvings of the door lintel and paneling. 8. Fish are considered to be mascots, and most of them come from their homophony, and carp and goldfish are expensive. For example, several firecrackers or the patterns of boy, lotus, and fish indicate 'more than a year in succession'; two fishes are 'Pisces lucky'; the fish scales are painted into patterns called 'fish scale brocade'; the goldfish has a steady demeanor because of its glittering brocade scales It is called 'Golden Scale Fairy' and 'Oriental Sacred Fish'; goldfish is a homonym of golden jade, and the pattern of several goldfish is called 'Golden Jade Man Hall'; there is also 'fish leap over dragon gateIt refers to the immortal leaping on the dragon gate, so it is called 'Golden Scale Fairy'. Fish are often active, galloping, and auspicious patterns, which are generally used on the back of chairs. Flowers, plants, insects, and fish are common things in our daily life. They seem ordinary, but to carve them on mahogany furniture, they are still very sophisticated in the observation and knife skills of craftsmen. The carved patterns of high-end mahogany furniture must be lifelike in order to become a good furniture that integrates beauty and value for a lifetime.
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