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The history of teak furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-28
In the eyes of Chinese people, the materials of furniture are divided into two categories, one is hardwood furniture, which represents luxury and preciousness; the other is softwood furniture, also called white wood furniture, which refers to ordinary and not high-end furniture. Under this concept, from the Ming and Qing to the Republic of China, from the Republic of China to the present, hardwoods such as mahogany and red sandalwood were cherished, while 'softwoods' other than hardwoods were ignored. In fact, among the furniture of the Republic of China, furniture made of teak should not be taken lightly, and should be re-understood. Teak is originally produced in India, Indonesia, Myanmar and other places. It is a world-renowned timber species. Its wood is hard and durable and has beautiful textures and is suitable for shipbuilding and furniture. In today's international timber market, the price of teak is higher than that of mahogany. According to an old carpenter, making teak furniture is different from other wooden furniture. The oily teak fibers are very sticky, and the shavings planed by a plane are spherical, and sandpaper will quickly make the sandpaper lose its function. The characteristics of teak make it non-deformable, wear-resistant and moderate in weight. Therefore, in the eyes of foreigners, teak wood is the best furniture material in the 20th century. There are nine concessions in Tianjin. Not only are there a large number of foreigners living here, there are also a large number of Chinese white-collar workers working in foreign companies. The small foreign buildings in the concession must be equipped with foreign furniture. Therefore, a large number of European-style teak furniture appears in The beginning of the 20th century. The same is the Republic of China furniture, mahogany furniture and teak furniture have two completely different styles. Hongmu Mingguo furniture has more oriental colors in China, and teak Mingguo furniture has a stronger Western style in Europe and the United States. Teak furniture adopts more Europeanized forms, plus the understanding of Chinese craftsmen, forming a folk country furniture with a unique imprint of the times. Like a fireplace, this is the matching furniture for foreign western-style houses, but once you arrive in China, you will bring the 'genes' of the Chinese nation. Originally, the fireplace was wall-mounted desktop furniture, but this teak fireplace was made into a 'pavilion' style, from which the shadow of Chinese architecture can be vaguely seen. It can be said that only the Republic of China furniture will have such a 'genetic' mutation; only the Republic of China teak furniture will have such a novel style. Therefore, the fashion of one era and one period will not be 'cloned' in the later period. It is the only one in the historical period. The characteristics of teak furniture in the Republic of China are here. Teak is different from white woods such as elm, beech and oak. The old furniture in Shanxi, Shandong is mostly made of elm and beech, while the folk furniture in Tianjin is mostly made of teak, and its price is much higher than other softwood furniture. . The texture of teak wood is evenly distributed. After it is made into furniture, it feels smooth, soft and hard, and heavier than ordinary cork. The important point is that furniture made of teak wood is different from ordinary furniture in form and workmanship. The teak furniture of the Republic of China has a certain stock in cities such as Wuhan, Dalian and Qingdao, but Tianjin is the largest. The value of teak furniture should be re-understood, because teak furniture is an important link in the furniture of the Republic of China. It is one of the links. If this link is missing, it will miss an important fulcrum node in the development of Chinese furniture. Fortunately, since teak furniture entered the new century, the price has been rising. Many people have seen its appreciation space, either buying in large quantities, or not selling. In the old goods market in Shanghai, the asking price of teak display cabinets is as high as 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. The signal of appreciation of the teak country has been issued, hasn’t it?
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