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The history of mahogany furniture collection

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-13
The collection of Chinese mahogany furniture began with foreigners. In 1944, the German Gustav Ike wrote the book 'Pictures of Huali FurnitureArtistic values. During this period, China was either in the midst of internal and external troubles, or was exposed to the flames of the Cultural Revolution. Few people had put out ample capital to do things like 'playing things and losing their ambitions.' Some people divide the collection history of Chinese mahogany furniture into three sections: the first period is from the Republic of China to 1985; the second period is from 1985 to 1995; the third period is from 1995 to present. In the first period, in addition to a few Chinese collectors, such as Xiaoshan Zhu's family and Beijing Fei's family, Western collectors flocked to it. At that time, the collection standard was the masterpiece of the family, and the value of lacquered furniture was much higher than other furniture. Today, you can see huge pieces of lacquered furniture in the Metropolitan Museum of America, the Philadelphia Museum of the United States, the British Museum, and the Guimet Museum of France. They were all dispersed during this period. As for the red sandalwood and Huanghuali furniture among the hardwoods, there are also many drifting outside, which cannot be counted. The second period is the fastest period of Chinese antique furniture flow. In just ten years, thousands of excellent Chinese antique furniture have flowed abroad in a rush. Since the country has just reformed and opened up, the people are all rushing towards new happiness, and have no heartache to abandon the old furniture, which makes the best time for antique furniture collection lost. Foreigners have benefited greatly from this change. Collectors of Chinese antique furniture abroad have basically completed their collections during this period, including the well-known Chinese Classical Furniture Museum in California (1996). The auction was a big success). In the third period, China began to have its own auction house. Although the number of antique furniture in the lot is very small, the influence is extraordinary. The value of the furniture remaining in the streets and lanes immediately doubled, and the Chinese people began to pay attention to the fun of furniture and the great wealth contained in antique furniture. A piece of furniture worth millions of dollars made the Chinese people dumbfounded. The rapid rise in prices has objectively preserved a large number of furniture in the local area. Due to the development of the information industry, today's auctions all over the world are at the same starting line. Chinese people can knock over opponents thousands of miles away through the phone and pack their beloved things in their bags, but the premise is that they have to prepare enough bullets. In this battle for wealth, Chinese and foreigners have different emphasis, and often fail to fight, so that the heavy weapon that many scholars believe is still stranded overseas. The collecting craze of the Chinese people is still in its infancy, superficial, snobbery, and lack of foresight. Whether or not prices will increase in the future seems to be the only criterion for collection.
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