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The hidden dangers of inferior wooden furniture can not be ignored

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-09
Wood furniture, comprehensive wood furniture, and all solid wood furniture are collectively referred to as solid wood furniture. 1. Wooden furniture: Among the main components, except for the decorative parts and accessories, the rest are furniture made of wood, man-made panels and other wooden materials. 2. Furniture made of wood (furniture made of wood): furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood boards and finished with a surface finish; or solid wood veneer or veneer (veneer) veneer is used on this type of substrate After that, the furniture is painted. Solid wood panels refer to solid wood materials formed by secondary processing of wood such as finger-joined timber and laminated timber. 3. Comprehensive wood furniture (wooden furniture made of multiple material): furniture made of multiple materials such as solid wood and wood-based panels as the base material. Related reading: The key points of solid wood furniture teach you to expose the hidden dangers of such inferior wooden furniture as 'counterfeit goods'? Come and see with us. Hidden danger 1: The wood is not dried and has a high moisture content, which can easily cause deformation or cracking of the finished product in the future. Hidden danger 2: Use rotten or moth-eaten wood. Consumers of furniture processed with such wood only need to dig with their fingers. If there are pieces of wood that fall off, it means that the wood has decayed and deteriorated. Hidden danger three: the frame structure is loose, the frame tenon is not tight, there are broken tenon, and the phenomenon of broken tenon, some furniture wooden frames are not tenoned, and only fixed with nails, which affects the overall quality and appearance. Consumers can manually shake the joint parts, especially the joints such as the table stand, to check whether there is any looseness. Hidden danger four: the cabinet mirror of the large closet has no back panel, no beading, and only uses nails to position it. Such cutting corners can easily cause the cabinet mirror to break and become a hidden danger of insecurity. Hidden danger five: uneven surface finish and easy to fall off. These inferior furniture will easily cause paint peeling and husks after use. The surface of qualified furniture has clear texture from the point of view of brilliance. The brilliance of the complete set of furniture is basically the same, and the brilliance of a single piece of furniture should be the same. There should be no local brilliance, whitening, brushing, etc., and the surface feels smooth. Hidden danger six: The functional size of the furniture does not meet the quality standard. If these functional dimensions do not reach the standard, it will directly affect the normal use of the furniture. Hidden danger 7: In the past complaints, it was found that some consumers only paid attention to the price when buying furniture, and did not pay attention to whether the materials of the furniture were environmentally friendly. Persistent, after the relevant part of the test, it turned out that formaldehyde severely exceeded the standard. This will cause great harm and hidden dangers to people's health in the long run.
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