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The furniture is so painted so that it won’t have any peculiar smell!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-07
Painting furniture is a very important process, which not only affects the appearance of the furniture, but also improves the rough feel of the furniture. So, what are the construction steps for furniture painting? Let's look down together. 1. Furniture painting process 1. Primary treatment. The wood hair and edges of the wood surface should be polished with sandpaper of size 1 or higher. The corners should be polished first and then the plane should be polished along the wood grain. If there are small and heavy leathers, they can be inlaid and glued firmly. In knots and oil stains, use alcohol paint pads to brush. 2. Embedding putty. According to the model or the color requirements selected by yourself, shellac putty is formulated to fill in defects such as nail holes, worm holes, gaps, cracks, and freckles. 3. The furniture is rubbed color. The purpose of color rubbing is to better show the texture and texture of the material, to properly correct the color difference of the material, and to improve the color correction efficiency. The process of wiping requires the operator to be able to accurately distinguish the different color differences. If there is a large color difference, it needs to be re-colored or toned until the colors match. But it should be noted that the floating color of each product must be thoroughly wiped clean during the process of wiping, so as not to cause color difference between products. 4. Carry out the bottom coloring treatment on the furniture to get the desired color. 5. After the coloring treatment is over, the primer can be applied for the second time. 6. Batch the third putty. 7. Rub sand wax and glazing wax more sand and wax until the surface is very smooth, and glazing wax should be rubbed until flashes appear. 8. Furniture color repair. The biggest effect of color repair on the product is to make the color of each product consistent. It is generally appropriate to spray four times on flat work products (such as countertops, facades, etc.). The color requirements of the side and the front must be the same. For products (such as dining chairs, cabinets) that are not easy to be sprayed, spray the products on the opposite side. After the spraying operation of each product is completed, the color palette must be compared, and the color can be handed over only after the color is consistent. Related reading: How to remove the smell of paint in newly renovated houses. 2. Precautions for furniture painting 1. The basic treatment should be constructed as required to ensure that the surface paint will not fail. 2. When the primer is applied for the second time, in order to increase the adhesion of the subsequent putty, this primer is thinner than the first primer. 3. Because the paint has a certain toxicity and has a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, we must pay attention to ventilation during construction. 3. The construction process of varnish and mixed color paint 1. The construction process of varnish: cleaning the surface of woodware → polishing with sandpaper → polishing with moisturizing powder → polishing with sandpaper → full scraping of the first putty, sandpaper polishing → full scraping of the second putty, Polish with fine sandpaper → apply oil color → brush the first varnish → fight for the color, replenish putty, polish with fine sandpaper → brush the second varnish, polish with fine sandpaper → brush the third varnish, polish → water Sandpaper to fade, wax and polish. 2. Mixed-color paint construction process: firstly clean the dust on the surface of the base layer, repair the base layer → flatten with sandpaper → paint at the knots → scrape putty at the base → apply dry oil → scrape putty for the first time → polish → Brush the bottom coating → the bottom coating is dry and hard → brush the surface layer → replenish the putty for repairing → polish and clean the third pass of the top coat and apply the second pass of paint → polish → the third pass of the top coat → polish and wax.
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