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The four most basic principles of furniture design

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-07
When a designer designs a piece of furniture, there are four main goals. You may not know them, but they are an indispensable part of the furniture design process. These four goals are function, comfort, durability, and beauty. Although these are the most basic requirements for the furniture manufacturing industry, they are worthy of continuous and in-depth study. 1. Whether the function of a piece of furniture is practical is very important, it must be able to reflect the value of its own existence. If it is a chair, it must be able to prevent your hips from touching the ground. If it's a bed, it will certainly allow you to sit on it, and it will also allow you to lie on it. The meaning of practical function is that the furniture should contain the generally acceptable and limited purpose. People spend too much energy on the artistic decoration of furniture. 2. Whether it is comfortable. A piece of furniture not only has to have its due function, but also must have a considerable degree of comfort. A stone can prevent you from sitting directly on the ground, but it is neither comfortable nor convenient, but a chair is just the opposite. If you want to rest in bed well all night, the bed must have enough height, strength and comfort to ensure this. The height of a coffee table must be made so that it is quite convenient for him to serve tea or coffee to the guests, but such a height is quite uncomfortable for dining. 3. Can it be durable? A piece of furniture should be able to be used for a long time, but the service life of each piece of furniture is also different, because this is closely related to their main function. For example, lounge chairs and outdoor dining tables are both outdoor furniture. They are not expected to be as durable as drawer panels, nor can they be compared to the lampstands you wish to leave to your children. Durability is often regarded as the only manifestation of quality. However, in fact, the quality of a piece of furniture is closely related to the perfect embodiment of each goal in the design. It includes another goal that will be mentioned next: aesthetics. If it is a chair that looks very ugly despite being very durable and reliable, or is extremely uncomfortable to sit on, it is not a high-quality chair. 4. Is it attractive? In today's handcrafted shops, the attractive appearance of the manufactured furniture is an important factor in distinguishing skilled workers from bosses. Through a period of hard training, skilled workers can understand how to accomplish the three goals mentioned earlier. They have understood how to make a piece of furniture have its due function and make it comfortable and durable.
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