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The Emotional Art of Classical Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-04
The practical history of classical furniture has enriched people's emotional and artistic elements. Making furniture for needs and for use is the common sense of emotion of ordinary people. In the primitive period, people used tree stumps or stumps as simple sitting tools from the beginning, or polished and interspersed branches to form a simple form of table, which became the matrix of furniture in life. With the development of history, furniture is not only for people to use, but also produces smooth aesthetics and comfort needs, as well as aesthetic pleasure for modeling appreciation. This is particularly important. This aesthetic and demanding production enriches the emotional art elements of furniture. This is the spiritual demand of art such as how to do it and how to be beautiful. The use of furniture by humans is always emotional. The characteristics of the craftsmanship are accompanied by the change and development of the times, and the level of craftsmanship becomes even more important. The artistic spiritual demand of human life is an important expression of emotion. If people want to meet the living conditions and use the furniture conveniently, they must first feel the practicability and ornamentalness of the furniture. Practicability is manifested in the satisfaction of the use function of the furniture. This is the moderate size, width, and height, and the firmness of the mortise and tenon process structure. The ornamental performance is reflected in the beautiful production of the furniture, the smooth texture of the wood, the smoothness of the surface and the frame, and the smooth and comfortable appearance. Therefore, classical furniture is first an emotional art that meets the needs of people's lives, and gradually transformed into a kind of art work placed in the room with emotional art. First of all, the emotion of making furniture comes from the motivation of the carpenter craftsman. Most furniture works have a certain form of creation and beauty, which is also the particularity of furniture. Woodworking has formed an admiration for furniture from the selection of materials, structural modeling, carving art, and selection of scales. This exquisite and elegant structural beauty and comfortable artistic beauty make people enjoy the use of beauty. Of course, it is produced by the emotions of the craftsmen. A special emotional art of classical furniture revealed in craftsmanship. Secondly, the emotion of antique furniture comes from scarcity. The elegance of classical furniture contains the vicissitudes of the times. As time goes by, its expensive value and artistic charm become more and more attractive. One is the precious material. In terms of the scarcity of precious materials, there is a theory of 'inch of sandalwood and inch of goldThe second is the difficulty of the process. It is manifested in the large amount of labor, the loss of traditional craftsmanship and the expensive value produced in craftsmanship. The third is the art of carving. It reflects the changes in the environment of traditional folk custom patterns and decorations of the times. Therefore, traditional old craftsmanship must be retained with emotions and promoted with emotions. Again, the emotion of antique furniture comes from demand. The needs here include the needs of use and the needs of collection. A good collection of antique furniture is valuable to a certain extent, but it is also priceless. Furniture is the product of people's labor, life and wisdom. Some have become family heirlooms or handed down boutiques, and carry the spiritual rhythm of people's playfulness and reveries about beauty. For people's use needs, if one or two pieces of classical furniture are placed in a modern living room, the space environment of the living room can complement each other. It not only has an artistic atmosphere of traditional Chinese classical furniture culture, but also creates an artistic green space that returns to nature. , Let people feel refreshing and elegant psychological pleasure. Therefore, among people’s needs for purchasing collections, there are appreciations in terms of precious materials, appreciation in the difficulty of craftsmanship and time-consuming, appreciation in the unique aspects of plastic arts, and appreciation in the historical significance of dynasties. This is also a social demand. An emotion.
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