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The display lights in the wardrobe store give luster but hide the damage

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-17
Perhaps there are many consumers who have such doubts. The custom-made overall wardrobe design at home is obviously the same as the wardrobe design placed in the store, but why the wardrobe at home is not as good as the store? The door panels of the store are all looking It is very shiny. Is it true that the merchants 'black' our consumers? Buying a wardrobe board for our consumers is not the same type of material as in the store. In fact, this is not the case. It's just that there are a lot of lights installed in the showrooms of the stores. We saw Guanze on the door panels of the wardrobes. They are all lighting effects. So do we suggest that consumers also install such lights at home? The answer is no. Next, I will tell you about the damage caused by the light-off effect on the wardrobe. The lighting effect is something that many sellers like to use to increase the charm of the overall wardrobe. The safety of electricity use in lighting systems is particularly important for wardrobe exhibition halls. In addition, ordinary display lights have dangers that are invisible to our naked eyes. Infrared rays and ultraviolet rays can damage the wardrobe, and ultraviolet rays are more harmful. . Two kinds of rays provide energy for the chemical and physical processes of deterioration and aging of the wardrobe. The ultraviolet rays produce photochemical damage, and the infrared rays produce the damage of physical processes. Compared with the photon activation ability of other visible light, the photon activation ability of ultraviolet rays is several times larger, but its destructive power is far more than these several times, but is multiplied by the Nth power. This is because many organic substances on the surface of the wardrobe have a strong absorption effect on ultraviolet rays, thereby activating molecular degradation, but organic matter rarely absorbs other visible light, so ultraviolet rays are more harmful to the wardrobe than other wavelengths of light, and seriously threaten the furniture. Life. Therefore, the light source used for the display of cultural relics must avoid ultraviolet rays as much as possible, which is a generally recognized principle in the international museum community. Although the activation ability of infrared rays is much smaller than that of ultraviolet rays, it will cause the temperature of the wardrobe surface and the surrounding environment to rise. This is the heat generated by light that we can often feel. This heat will aggravate the effects of ultraviolet rays. The chemical process being carried out. Moreover, as the temperature rises, the moisture evaporates, and the surface of the wardrobe expands and shrinks due to heat, which speeds up the aging process. Many people who are pursuing a quality of life will be very particular about the material of the wardrobe. The mahogany wardrobe is such a classic, but we should also treat the maintenance of the wardrobe differently, just like the mahogany wardrobe cannot resist ultraviolet radiation.
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