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The difference between solid wood, solid wood veneer and sticker furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-25
So far, modern wood furniture has developed into a large market structure with diverse styles, complete varieties and complete grades. While the diversified market provides a wealth of choices, it also derives the problem of a mixture of good and bad. As a customer, you must keep your eyes open when buying. Next, I will discuss with you how to distinguish solid wood, laminated and sticker furniture. Solid wood is mostly used for varieties and parts with less materials, and solid wood is rarely used for valuable wood. For example, solid wood dining chairs are more common, but they are generally made of imported beech for mid- to high-end, maple, birch, and domestic beech for mid-range, and rubber wood for low-end. If someone tells you that he sells 'imported black walnut solid wood dining chairs' for five or six hundred yuan each, then he must be fooling you. Most of the chair was dyed with birch wood to darken walnut color. Similar practices are common in the furniture industry at home and abroad. However, it was originally intended to save costs and harmoniously support the original intention, but it was used to conceal the truth and had to guard against it. All solid wood walnut furniture has many modern panel furniture facing materials, among which veneer and stickers are very commonly used, but the grades are completely different. The veneer furniture is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, while the sticker furniture is easy to wear, afraid of water, and unbearable, but the price is low and it is a popular product. Some types of furniture that are not very worn and not close to the water source are currently mainly made of stickers, such as shoe cabinets and bookcases. Walnut veneer dining cabinets. Customers who visit a furniture store will see descriptions such as 'walnut base cabinetAt this time, it is very important to figure out whether it is solid wood, veneer or sticker. Solid wood and veneer can be called 'cherry wood furnitureWood grain stickers: Solid wood, wood grain, wood rays (if any are usually expressed as 'needles') are clearly visible, and more or less should have some natural defects (knots, wood spots, etc., black lines, etc.). The same piece of solid wood, whether it is a wooden board or a wooden strip, the wood grain of the two interfaces should be able to clearly see the natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section. There should also be natural blemishes. Because the veneer has a certain thickness (about 0.5mm), when making furniture, two adjacent interfaces are usually not turned, but one piece is attached to each. Therefore, the wood grains of the two interfaces should not usually be connected. Even if it is imported high-quality paper, even wood defects can be imitated, but it is still different from natural veneer and looks fake. Sticker furniture is easy to show flaws in the corners. In addition, because of the small thickness of the wood grain paper (0.08mm), it will be directly wrapped at the junction of the two planes, resulting in the wood grain of the two interfaces being connected (usually the longitudinal section).
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