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The difference between solid wood furniture and board wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-02-25
Many consumers can’t stand the price at all and can’t distinguish what is solid wood furniture, what is wood-based furniture, wood-based furniture is difficult to distinguish from solid wood furniture in appearance, and its wood texture, feel and color are basically the same as solid wood furniture. It's exactly the same, and ordinary consumers can't tell it. So, what is the difference between the two? There is a big difference between solid wood furniture and board-wood furniture. At present, the 'standard' for product classification and definition of wooden furniture is the new version of 'General Technical Requirements for Wooden Furniture' in May 2009. So far, many consumers who buy furniture still do not familiar. Professor Lu from Nanjing Forestry University, who studies wood product technology standards, told reporters that wooden furniture has many names, and consumers should be vigilant and protect themselves in accordance with the law when consulting and signing contracts. In the national standard, according to the classification of materials, wood furniture can be divided into solid wood, wood-based panels and comprehensive categories. The frame of countertops, table legs, chair legs are made of solid wood, while the side panels, bottom panels, top panels, laminates and other parts of the furniture made of wood-based panels (MDF and particleboard are all wood-based panels) are called'board-wood combined furniture'. 'Wood-combined furniture' is not a kind of 'solid wood furnitureEven if only one piece of wood is made of wood-based panels, and the others are all made of solid wood, it cannot be called solid wood furniture, but can only be called comprehensive wood furniture. Compared with real solid wood sawn timber furniture, the value and environmental protection are much worse. 'Related reading: Which is better, solid wood furniture, plank furniture, or plank furniture? The materials of plank-wood combined furniture. In fact, from the material point of view, plank-wood combined furniture refers to furniture that uses solid wood and solid wood particle board. Solid wood particle board is The wood board compressed with wood chips, although the appearance is very similar to solid wood, but there is still a certain difference in quality. Board wood furniture generally uses solid wood in the frame part, and the side panels, bottom, top, and shelves of the furniture Other parts will be synthesized with high temperature at a time. The solid wood commonly used in board wood furniture includes: Southwest birch, oak, ash, catalpa, teak, maple, walnut, cherry wood, etc. The main structure of board wood furniture, The frame, the main stress points, and the frame shape are made of solid wood materials to ensure the overall structure, stability and aesthetics of the furniture while saving costs. Most of the solid wood furniture sold on the market are board-wood combined furniture. Under the banner of solid wood furniture, the furniture sold is in fact board-combined furniture. The structural characteristics of board-wood furniture: the structural series of board-wood furniture breaks the traditional solid wood furniture group frame fixed connection, or the panel furniture is completely dismantled The inherent connection method and mode of the installation and connection, but the solid wood force part group frame connection, the solid wood and the rice nanoboard joint part are connected with the hardware connector, the mortise and groove assembly connection, the bolt or wood pin assembly connection, and the wood screw Various combination connection methods such as connection, to the greatest extent, retain the structural advantages of natural and durable solid wood furniture materials, and also have the advantages of convenient disassembly and assembly of panel furniture, convenient transportation, and at the same time, the freely combined cabinet body is designed for generalization. , And make the product have the structural advantages of flexible and changeable panel furniture, avoiding the traditional solid wood furniture cumbersome, inflexible, inconvenient combination and other defects. Although the panel wood furniture is not as noble and worthy of solid wood furniture, it is more environmentally friendly.
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