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The difference between rubber wood and oak furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-19
Rubber wood and oak are two completely different types of wood. Oak is divided into two categories: red and white oak. The heartwood is obviously yellowish brown to reddish brown. The growth ring is obviously slightly wavy, heavy and hard, the pattern is obvious, the heartwood is corrosion-resistant, and the density is high. The oak wood is hard and beautiful, and the oak barrels can store wine. Rubber wood is pine, and the wood grain is not obvious. What is more important is that the rubber wood contains sugar. It must be soaked in chemical liquids before making furniture. Therefore, if it is not handled properly, the rubber wood will have a sour taste. Rubber wood furniture is generally made of Hainan or Southeast Asian rubber wood as raw materials. Rubber wood is used as wood after the rubber tree does not produce rubber and is cut down. The material is average. The difference between oak furniture and rubber wood furniture: Difference 1: Material texture difference: It is recommended to use a magnifying glass to see the cross-sectional texture of the furniture. Its tube holes are small and the wood rays are very beautiful. It's oak. On the contrary, rubber wood has large and loose tube holes, and the wood rays are net-like. The wood grain of oak furniture is obviously different. Two: the texture of the material: Because the oak material is harder and feels heavier, you can use nails on the furniture to test it. It is difficult to pierce the nails, and it is oak furniture. The rubber wood is relatively soft and has a lighter feel. Oak furniture is high-end furniture, which has the advantages of not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, high strength and solid texture. Rubber wood furniture has a sour taste. Because of its high sugar content, it is not easy to remove and other factors, which causes it to be easily discolored, rotted and moth-eaten. The growth ring of rubber wood only takes 5-10 years, while the maturity period of good oak reaches a hundred years. Similarly, the price of oak furniture is 6-8 times higher than that of rubber wood furniture. Oak furniture has obvious wood grain and is very heavy. A chest of drawers can be lifted by at least 2 big men.
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