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The difference between red sandalwood, black sandalwood and black sandalwood

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-04
Red sandalwood entered China as early as the Ming Dynasty. It has always been used by the royal family and is very expensive. Mr. Zhu Jiaming once described in detail how the emperor of the Qing Dynasty personally instructed the use of red sandalwood in the 'Forbidden City' Nowadays, red sandalwood resources are becoming increasingly scarce, market demand continues to expand, and prices are rising year by year. However, due to the limited stock and price in the world, the future market development space is limited. Ebony was introduced to China 10 years ago. Because of its brittle material, it has not been taken seriously by people. Ebony and ebony furniture can only be seen in some southern markets. With the economic recovery after the financial crisis, the sales situation of ebony began to change, and its consumption potential was gradually released. The market situation improved, and the price continued to rise in 2010. In addition, the Indonesian government controls the export of medium and high-grade wood such as ebony, resulting in insufficient ebony stock in my country's timber market. In 2010, the price of ebony ordinary materials was 15,000-25,000 yuan/ton, medium materials was 25,000-32,000 yuan/ton, selected materials were 33,000-40,000 yuan/ton, and high-quality selected large materials were 55,000-65,000 yuan/ton. At present, many ebony furniture and handicrafts can be seen on the market. Extended reading: Four types of sandalwood and red sandalwood are easily confused with red sandalwood. They are produced in Africa. The scientific name is pinwheel wood, also known as ash, which belongs to the genus pinwheel. It does not belong to rosewood. The color of the cut surface of black rosewood is gray-yellow, and the color of old wood is close to gray-black, with large pores and obvious hairy patterns. The wood has poor oiliness and is easy to crack in dry climates. Crafts made of black rosewood are more common in the market. The emergence of black rosewood, like red sandalwood and green sandalwood, is a means for merchants to 'transform' non-mahogany wood into precious rosewood. Relatively speaking, although the hardness and density of this type of wood cannot meet the requirements of the national redwood standard, it is also significantly better than other firewood species and can be used as a substitute for traditional redwood. The price of black sandalwood on the market in 2010 was 4500-8000 yuan/ton, which is very different from the price of black sandalwood. Consumers are advised to specify the scientific name of the wood in the contract when purchasing mahogany furniture or other products, and not to infer its value based on the 'flower name' alone. Extended reading: How to buy red sandalwood
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