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The difference between red pine and white pine

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-27
Everyone who learns the guitar knows that the materials are different, but people usually choose guitars made of red pine or white pine. Although there is only one word difference between the two, there are still differences in performance in all aspects. Today, let’s take a look at the difference between red pine and white pine. To be precise, red pine should be called cedar, and white pine should be called spruce. Origin of Korean pine: Northeast, Changbai Mountain, Xiaoxinganling. Appearance: bark gray reddish brown, skin groove is not deep, scaly cracked, inner skin beige, cracks are reddish brown, sapwood is light yellow brown, the log section has obvious grease circles, and the heartwood is yellowish brown Slightly fleshy red, annual rings are narrow and uniform, and resin channels are obvious. Properties: light and soft material, straight texture, medium structure, good drying performance, easy processing, smooth cutting surface, easy painting and bonding, and good durability. Sound: The treble of red pine is warm and sweet, and the sound is bright, suitable for playing romantic and Spanish music. Spanish classical guitar and flamenco guitar mostly use red pine. Origin of White Pine: Northeast Appearance: The bark is grayish brown to dark brown, the surface is off-white, scaly peeling off, leaving approximately circular dents after peeling, the material is light white, slightly yellowish white, and the resin path is small and few. Properties: light and soft material, straight texture, slightly rough structure, easy to process, easy to dry, easy to paint and glue. Suitable for keel, ceiling and construction use. Extended reading: furniture materials are very particular, accurate to the performance characteristics. Sound: white pine high and low bass resonance is balanced, the sound is neat, suitable for playing classical or Baroque music. Red pine and white pine each have their own advantages. Which one to choose depends on personal preference. After all, the one you like is the best.
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