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The difference between old mahogany and new mahogany

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-23
Nowadays, there are mahogany brands in all major furniture stores, and mahogany is actually divided into old mahogany and new mahogany, so what is the difference between the two? Take you a look. New rosewood: The new rosewood we call refers to the Dalbergia oiveri, which is produced in Burma, Thailand, and Laos. Guangdong calls it white rosewood, and some people also call it yellow rosewood and flowering branch. In fact, the new mahogany is not all the same. There is a light red color. From the end, the dark purple stripes mixed with light red wood are very regular and not disordered at all. This kind of rosewood is generally produced in Myanmar. Another light yellow, which is light and mixed, is generally produced at the junction of Myanmar and Laos. Lao Hongmu: Lao Hongmu, as the name suggests, is a long-lived mahogany, called rosewood in the 'National StandardIts wood is hard and delicate, and can sink in water. Generally, it takes more than 500 years to grow before it can be used. The old mahogany we are talking about now generally refers to the mahogany imported from Southeast Asia in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. The biggest feature of old mahogany is that its wood grain often has dark brown or black stripes in the dark red. In terms of color, the old mahogany is darker in color, mostly purplish red, and some colors are similar to red sandalwood, giving people an antique feeling. . Extended reading: The drafter of the national standard of mahogany talked about the difference between mahogany furniture and the purchase of new and old mahogany: New mahogany generally has a yellowish red color. Compared with old mahogany, the wood grain and color have a 'tender' feeling, and the texture and hand feel are not as good as old mahogany. Feel: Not as warm as red sandalwood as jade, but it is also very delicate, brown eyes and slender. Due to the larger proportion of old red, some are heavier than red sandalwood. Odor: Generally with sour and vinegar smell, especially new profile. Color and texture: The wood color is generally dark red, with dark stripes, and the wood color is more consistent. For example, Dalbergia cochinensis produced in Vietnam and Laos is mostly reddish brown, dark brown, dark brown and other stripes, while broadleaf Dalbergia is dark purple-brown or dark purple with purple or black stripes. No matter how old the furniture is, its dark stripes of varying widths are the imprints of old mahogany. Why is there such a big difference? It turns out that the life of wood will not end because of being felled, and its internal fine structure changes all the time. With the passage of time, the internal structure of mahogany will become tighter, the hardness and specific gravity will become higher and higher, and the resistance to deformation will be stronger. The new mahogany generally uses baking and other methods to make it meet the requirements of use, but the artificial technical treatment cannot shake the internal structure of the material. In the long-term use process, it will often produce subtle deformations, which will affect the value and quality of the collection.
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