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The difference between Ming and Qing armchairs

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-03
Chairs are a general term for seats with backrests, and their styles and sizes vary greatly. The chairs in Ming and Qing furniture are divided according to the form of chairs, including back chairs, armchairs, armchairs, top chairs, and thrones. Literally, an armchair is a chair with a backrest like a circle, but do you know the culture of armchairs, the shape of armchairs, the characteristics of armchairs, the difference between Ming-style armchairs and Qing-style armchairs? The armchair is developed from the top seat. The most obvious feature is that the armrest is connected to the back of the arm, and the armrest is connected from high to low. When sitting, the shoulders of the person can be leaned against the armrest. It feels very comfortable and very popular. favorite. The shape is round and graceful, and the body is full and vigorous. It is one of the unique chair styles of our nation. Later, it gradually developed into an armchair for indoor use. The difference between it and the top chair is that it does not need to cross the legs, but uses four legs and uses a wooden board as the surface. There is no big difference in the chassis of a normal chair. It's just that the upper part of the chair still retains the top position. Most of these chairs are arranged in pairs, and not many are placed alone. Because the seat ring of the armchair is curved, it is more coordinated to use round materials. Most of the armchairs adopt the light element technique, and only a set of simple patterns are embossed in the middle of the back plate, but they are all very shallow. The back panels are all made into 'S'-shaped curves, which are made according to the curves of the human spine, which is a typical example of the scientific nature of Ming furniture. The difference between Ming-style armchairs and Qing-style armchairs: 1. Ming-style armchairs are made of one piece of wood, without waisting; Qing-style armchairs often have waists, and one piece of wood is made separately; 2. Ming-style armchairs are mostly made with five hands. , Or even seven connections; Qing-style chair circle has three connections with hands; 3. Ming-style circle chair backboard is in an obvious 'S' shape; Qing-style circle chair backboard has an arc shape. The culture of the armchair: armchair is the most culturally tasteful seat in Ming-style furniture, which coincides with the ancient Chinese philosophy. Also known as 'Round ChairAccording to textual research, armchairs were used in the Five Dynasties period in China. There was a difference between armchairs and armchairs popular in the Ming Dynasty. In the Song Dynasty, armchairs in the Tianyuan area appeared. There were not many armchairs in the Yuan Dynasty. Armchairs became popular in the Ming Dynasty.
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