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The difference between huanghuali Hainan huanghuali and Vietnam huanghuali

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-28
Huanghuali is also known as Dalbergia odorifera, its scientific name is Dalbergia odorifera, also known as Hainan yellow rosewood, which is the only rosewood species in the national standard of rosewood. Place of Origin The low-elevation plains and hilly areas of Jianfengling, Diaoluo Mountain, Hainan Island, China, mostly grow in sunny places about 100 meters above sea level on Diaoluo Mountain. Because of its slow growth, solid wood and beautiful patterns, it has always been one of the five famous trees and is now a national second-class protected plant. Therefore, Huanghuali means Hainan Huanghuali and Haihuang. The reason for this distinction is that Hainan Huanghua Pear is also divided into Huali male and Huali female. Dalbergia odorifera is rosewood, while Dalbergia hainanensis is rosewood. The latter is less valuable than the former. For details, please refer to the article What is the difference between Huali male and Huali female of Hainan Huanghuali. The Vietnamese huanghuali actually refers to Tokyo Dalbergia, and it is sometimes called fragrant stick wood in China. From the national standard of mahogany, we can see that among the fragrant woods, only Huanghuali (ie Dalbergia odorifera) belongs to mahogany. Therefore, although Vietnamese Huanghuali is also very precious, it is not a kind of mahogany in the national standard. Readers are reminded that they should be carefully identified when purchasing Huanghuali furniture. Extended reading: The difference between Hainan and Vietnam Huanghuali
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