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The difference and identification of antique furniture and classical furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-02
Classical furniture is defined in terms of the style of furniture. Now many newly-made furniture imitating ancient styles can be called classical furniture. We can't say that it is fake, but its appreciation space is limited, and many people just buy it for home use. Mahogany furniture is defined from the furniture materials. According to national standards, it is divided into 5 categories and 8 categories. In a broad sense, mahogany includes red sandalwood, huanghuali wood and other precious woods. Antique furniture should be called antique furniture to be precise, divided into ancient furniture and old furniture according to the age: the ones before 1911 are called ancient furniture, and the ones from 1911 to 1949 are called old furniture. Six basic methods to identify antique furniture 1. Style: Each antique furniture has its own unique style and era symbols. If the furniture is mixed or the symbols do not match the characteristics of the era, it is likely to be forgery. 2. Robustness: Old furniture generally shakes loosely. If it is too strong, it is not. 3. Antique furniture is often incomplete, just like old people will inevitably have some physical problems. If it is too complete, it is likely to be a forgery. If it is too damaged, the value of the collection will be compromised. 4. Padding: The color and thickness of real antique furniture should be consistent everywhere, and the traces of obsolescence are natural, and the old is the old, just like the face is always tanned, it is inevitably darker than the body. 5. Decoration: When making antique furniture, we will try our best to make the line type uniform, and the decoration method will be consistent with the times. If it is inconsistent, it may be forged. 6. Integrity: Material: An era generally has its representative wood. If the materials are patched together, or the materials do not conform to the laws of the era, it is likely to be forged. Extended reading: 'Six Steps' for the Restoration of Antique Furniture
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