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The development of Chinese lacquer furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-17
The ancient Chinese have a long history of using lacquer. The Hemudu culture discovered the original lacquerware, which has been more than 7,000 years ago. The natural color of the lacquer is monotonous, dark brown, and the lacquer is thickened after repeated decoration, almost black. If cinnabar is added to the lacquer, it will be vermilion red. Most of the lacquerware from the Warring States Period to the Han Dynasty was black and red. After the Yuan Dynasty, lacquered furniture began to increase. After entering the Ming dynasty, especially in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the craftsmanship of picking rhinoceros, picking red, picking color, pattern color, and color painting were widely used on lacquered furniture. Lacquered furniture has a complex process. The thick lacquer furniture is carved with a knife. The patterns include the rhinoceros, also known as cloud carving; the patterns include the red landscape pavilions, flowers, birds and beasts, which are all made repeatedly. Engraving on thick lacquer; otherwise, the style is not the case. Put the linen and hang the ash and paint the lacquer, apply a knife on the gray layer, and then fill it with colored lacquer to form a pattern; the colored painting is different from the above process, without a knife, but drawing with a pen. The expressiveness is particularly rich. The Qing Dynasty lacquer furniture was popular in the northern Yellow River basin. The lacquer furniture is completely different from the painting process after the late Qing Dynasty. Expressiveness is also different. The purpose of large lacquer furniture is to express the beauty of lacquer, and completely abandon the expressive power of wood. The finished furniture is covered with linen and gray, the thickness can be up to a few millimeters, and then the polished gray tires are painted and repeated. Dao, even more than ten Dao, wins with a solemn tone. The lacquered furniture must take into account the expressiveness of the wood texture, and there are wood grains under the transparent lacquer, so the paint is thinner and there is dust.
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