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The cultural status of classical furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-04
Ancient Chinese furniture from Ming and Qing Dynasties has been recognized by most people. They are sculpture art and special commodities. They are used in modern social life and have become a fashion in the environment. First, it is used in the family. Although China's modern home decoration has reached a relatively high level, because China's home decoration has lagged behind developed countries for a hundred years, quite a few families blindly apply foreign home decoration models, but lack their own national characteristics and generally have low tastes. . In such an environment. The collection and display of several pieces of Chinese Ming and Qing stone tiger furniture will play a finishing touch, expressing the owner's taste, connotation and economic strength, and it is also a new way of investment preservation. Second, it is used in public spaces such as hotels. In public spaces, the use of high-end decoration materials can only show luxury and extravagance, and cannot play a role of refreshing and invigorating. If several pieces of classic Ming and Qing antique furniture are arranged in the halls and corridors of a star hotel, club, leisure tea house, cultural group, etc., it can fully improve the grade of these places and reflect the comprehensive strength and culture of these places. Connotation. Third, it is used in museums (including the Hall of Fame). It is indeed a pity that there are not a few authentic Chinese antique furniture from Ming and Qing Dynasties in these spaces. It should be equipped with a certain amount of tables, chairs, tables, and couches, which not only reflects the self-knowledge of these units, but also promotes the splendid culture of Chinese antique furniture. They complement each other and complement each other.
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