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The complete solution of commonly used wood in wooden furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-31
Wooden furniture combines the life and time of trees and carpenters, originated from nature and higher than nature. Furniture people should have a heart of awe and understand all kinds of wood knowledge. Main characteristics of Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe is a precious wood unique to China, and it is a national second-level protected plant. The wood of nanmu is hard, durable, has excellent corrosion resistance, has a special fragrance, and can avoid insects. It is the best kind of soft wood. There are generally three types of nanmu, golden nanmu, xiangnan, and nanmu. 1. Golden nanmu is the best kind of nanmu. As long as the cash is obvious, it can be identified as golden nanmu. Under the light, you can see the golden thread shimmering, bright and beautiful. It used to be the royal special wood. This shows its dignity. Most of the golden sinensis comes from the deep mountains of Sichuan and Shu, and the quantity is scarce, and the price is comparable to gold. 2. The wood of Xiangnan is slightly purple, and the fragrance is very strong and lasting. Therefore, it is named Xiangnan. Its texture is beautiful, and the material is not as delicate as that of nanjing, but it is also a very good material. Phoebe is mostly produced in southern Fujian, Taiwan, Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places, and is distributed in Japan and Vietnam abroad. 3. Phoebe is the worst kind of wood in Phoebe. Its texture is soft and light in color. It is somewhat similar to water poplar. It can only be used for small furniture such as tables, chairs and stools. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult to distinguish between Phoebe nanmu, Phoebe nanmu and Phoebe nanmu. More careful identification is required, especially when purchasing Phoebe nanmu, because the price difference between Phoebe nanmu and other nanmu is too big, so you need to be careful not to be deceived. . Main uses Phoebe wood is excellent, aromatic, moderate hardness, good elasticity, easy to process, and rarely cracks and twists. It is a precious material for construction and furniture. In addition to a few tables and chairs, the appliance is mainly used as a cabinet. The main characteristics of elm elm wood is tough, clear texture, moderate hardness and strength, and can be adapted to general openwork relief, smooth planed surface, beautiful string surface pattern, and 'wenge wood' pattern. The heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished, the sapwood is dark yellow, and the heartwood is dark purple-gray. The price is cheaper and suitable for mass consumption. Main uses Elm wood can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. The elm wood can be dried, shaped, carved, polished, and painted to make exquisite carved lacquer crafts. The old Russian elm (purple elm) is the most classic. It has the advantages of clear texture and less scarring. It is a valuable material for making furniture. Main characteristics of basswood The white woody part of basswood is usually quite large, creamy white, and gradually merges into the light to brownish red heartwood, sometimes with darker streaks. It has the characteristics of grease, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to crack, fine wood grain, easy processing, and strong toughness. Main uses Basswood is mainly a furniture material, and it is also used in decorations. Because of its good machinability and easy processing with hand tools, it is also a superior engraving material. 1. The fixing performance of nails, screws and glue is good. 2. Good smooth surface can be obtained by sanding, dyeing and polishing. 3. Drying is fairly fast, with small deformation and low aging. 4. The shrinkage rate is quite large when drying, but the dimensional stability is good. The main characteristics of walnut wood The material of walnut wood varies greatly. The heartwood generally ranges from light reddish brown to brown, with a slight purple color. The wood color is pleasing and elegant, sometimes with beautiful spots or stripes; the sapwood is light in color, mostly off-white or light brown. Tree roots, galls, etc. often have special patterns, which are used as decorative materials after sawing thin wood. Walnut wood has medium hardness, fine and uniform fiber structure, strong toughness, especially good performance in anti-vibration and abrasion resistance, and has certain bending and corrosion resistance, but the sapwood needs to be painted to prevent moths. Walnut wood needs to go through a slow drying process, after which it is not easy to deform and crack, it is very suitable for tenoning, carving, etc., and its adhesive properties are also good. Furniture and carving crafts made of walnut wood are known for their simplicity and elegance, with warm and delicate texture, beautiful texture and solid durability, which can show the natural beauty of carving and wood texture. Main uses 1. Walnut wood is an interior decoration material, mainly used for making valuable furniture and carving crafts. 2. It is also a good choice to make English calligraphy pens with walnut wood. The main features of oak Oak, also known as oak, has a yellowish-brown to reddish-brown core, obvious growth rings, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, straight grain, coarse structure, elegant color, beautiful grain, high mechanical strength, and abrasion resistance. The wood is not easy to dry, saw and cut. The touch surface has a bumpy texture. Advantages 1. It has a relatively distinct mountain-shaped wood grain, and the touch surface has a good texture. 2. Excellent toughness, can be processed into various curved shapes according to needs, which is quite beautiful. 3. It has a solid texture, a firm structure and a long service life. It is used in many ancient door and window grilles. 4. High-grade, suitable for making European-style furniture and Chinese-style classical furniture, showing a sense of solidity, and the price is lower than that of mahogany furniture. Further reading: Types of oak, which oak is the most expensive
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