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The classification of rosewood and how to identify rosewood?

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-11-26
Rosewood, called old mahogany by Shanghai people, is produced in India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. It is one of the precious species of Dalbergia. Purple-brown to dark-brown, uneven material color, dark stripes are obvious. The wood is shiny, has a sour or sour fragrance (a few of them are rose fragrance), but also has the characteristics of fine structure, interlaced texture, hard material, wear resistance, and sinking in water. There are many kinds of rosewood, which belong to the Dalbergia subfamily of legumes. Among the Dalbergia plants, except for Dalbergia odorifera in Hainan Island, which is called 'Xiangzhi' (commonly known as Huanghuali), the rest are all rosewood. There are three types of rosewood, black rosewood, red rosewood, and white rosewood. Their common feature is the smell of edible vinegar during processing, hence the name rosewood. Some tree species have a strong flavor, while others are weak. The name of rosewood is widely used in Guangdong, and the north of the Yangtze River is often called 'redwood'. Strictly speaking, the name of mahogany is neither scientific nor academic. It is a general name formed when some people don't understand all kinds of wood clearly, and belongs to a layman's language. Among the three kinds of rosewood, black rosewood is the best. Its color ranges from purple red to purple brown or purple black, with hard wood and good polishing effect. Some are very close to red sandalwood and are often mistaken for red sandalwood, but most of them have coarser texture. The texture of red rosewood is more obvious than that of black rosewood. The texture is straight and the color is mostly maroon red. The color of white rosewood is much lighter than that of red rosewood, and the color is close to that of Caohuali. Sometimes easily confused with Caohuali. At present, a large number of black rosewood products in the new imitation furniture on the market are sold as red sandalwood products. It is sometimes difficult for experienced experts to distinguish, but it is even more difficult for collectors. In recent years, some people in China have imported a large amount of high-quality wood from Madagascar, and they have been selling it. At first they thought it was red sandalwood. However, after many researches, it is actually not red sandalwood, but a black wood in the Dalbergia genus. The scientific name is 'Lu's black Dalbergia'. The National Forestry Research Institute of Madagascar also sent an official letter to my country's forestry department, stating that Madagascar does not produce red sandalwood at all. The high-quality wood exported from the country, including the wood exported to China, is 'Lushi Black Dalbergia'. Among the Dalbergia woods, many wood species are purple-black or purple-red in color. Its hardness is no less than that of regular rosewood. Some are indeed comparable to red sandalwood. It is the finest material of traditional furniture.
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