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The characteristics of the production process of pine furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-25
With its low price, unpretentious texture, lifelike texture, and pure and bright color, pine furniture decorates the home environment with elegance, tranquility, harmony and tranquility with nature, and has become the object of purchase by many consumers. And why do you know that pine wood furniture has so many advantages and why the price is low? Below we will take you to learn about the secrets of making pine furniture. 1. Material selection, design and manufacture of pine furniture. Pine is a coniferous forest. Due to the high forest coverage, all the trees are basically not manually pruned, so that after processing into timber, the branches are left with natural Traces of growth. When it is made into furniture, it can fully demonstrate the authenticity, simplicity and natural beauty of the material. The growth cycle of pine is long, the annual ring is fine, the texture of the wood is flexible, the oil content of the tree is low, and the yin and yang colors are evenly distributed. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture manufacturer controls the dryness of the material very strictly, requiring that the moisture content does not exceed 10%, and all the materials are stored in a constant humidity warehouse before being put into production. Pine furniture on the market is mostly Pinus sylvestris, while Chilean pine (radiata pine) accounts for a relatively small proportion. Second, the production process of pine furniture In order to avoid backwater in the manufacturing, the production cycle should be as short as possible. Generally, it will not exceed three days at most from production to finished product, and some products can even be produced in one day. Moreover, there are strict drying treatments at each stage of production. Although some imported pine furniture is made of pure solid wood, it will not crack or deform; this is generally difficult to compare with similar domestic products. In order to reflect the unpretentious and simple design concept of pine furniture, the surface coating of the product adopts two methods: matt nitro-lacquer treatment, vegetable oil soaking, and beeswax coating. This painting method keeps the texture of the wood itself clear and natural, and the lines are smooth. Permeated with the clear and fresh breath of nature. While pine furniture highlights the natural, stable and coarse-mining style, it also incorporates modern furniture manufacturing techniques. Not only the craftsmanship is excellent, but also the natural taste is pursued from raw materials to accessories. Although the pine furniture is entirely made of solid wood, its panel disassembly design makes the transportation, sales and installation of the furniture very convenient. Pine furniture can be roughly divided into two types of traditional pine furniture. The materials are pure pine wood. The design highlights the naturalness, the shape is simple and clear, the lines are clear, and its simple, subtle and rigorous style does not lose its quaint style in the new wave of times. Modern pine furniture is a combination of pine and fabric pine and metal. In the color combination, the natural color of the wood is also maintained, highlighting the modern atmosphere of the furniture. It has both beauty and function, practical and decent, and can create a relaxed and comfortable in modern home. Pine furniture is in pursuit of innocence, simplicity, simplicity and practicality, whether it is familiar or modern. The furniture itself is sturdy, durable, and durable. Modern people choose pure pine furniture to relieve the stress of modern society while separating us from the crowded and irritable urban life. It caters to the psychological trend of returning to nature and returning to the true self. Related reading: How about black walnut furniture of solid wood furniture? 3. The characteristics of pine furniture. In the cultural history of furniture, the creativity of the creators of pine furniture 'Nordic people' is indispensable. They turned the fast-growing tree species that had been crowded with excessive resin into high-quality boards by drying them out of their womb, turning them into high-quality boards. Miraculous, so that pine wood with its unpretentious texture, lifelike texture, pure and bright color, decorate the home environment with elegance, tranquility, harmony and tranquility with nature, so pine wood furniture is designated as environmentally friendly furniture by the United Nations Ministry of Humanities. . Pine furniture is the first to be 'colorful' visually. The gentle and soft nature of pine wood, 'natural beauty is hard to abandon' makes other tree species low eyebrows and bow their heads. The uncarved pine furniture is natural scenery, natural style, exquisite texture, delicate lines, rigidity and softness. The characteristics of pine furniture: 1. Natural color, maintaining the natural color of pine, with clear and beautiful texture 2. Simple and generous shape, full and smooth lines, showing good texture 3. Strong practicality, durable 4. Strong elasticity and breathability , Good thermal conductivity and simple maintenance 5. Soft, low load-bearing capacity, can not be used as load-bearing furniture. 6. Pinus sylvestris furniture is cheap but easy to change color. The surface is blue-green in the initial stage, blue-black in the middle stage, and light black in the later stage of discoloration, and the 50mm thick board is transparent.
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