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The characteristics and cultural connotation of American furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-24
Among high-end furniture stores, in addition to Chinese mahogany furniture, there is also American furniture that is more recognized by consumers. American furniture has won everyone's approval with its heavy volume and comfortable performance. But not many people are familiar with its history and style characteristics. Today I will introduce you some relevant knowledge. American furniture expresses the casual and comfortable style of Americans, turning the home into a place to relieve stress and relieve fatigue. Americans can be said to be the most 'lazy' people in the world, but they are also the ones who enjoy life the most. Every weekend, they forget all the work pressure of the week, open their homes, return home, and change into leisure. Clothes, lie down on the sofa at will, grab a newspaper, drink a cup of coffee, watch TV, have a meal with your family, and completely return to the natural life. Therefore, the casualness and comfort of American furniture are its biggest characteristics. European furniture emphasizes its fancy like that, it feels like a real home, not the feeling of returning to a five-star hotel or an office, so the American-style sofas and chairs will be made bigger, more spacious, and more comfortable, which makes people feel like a home. When you see it, you will feel comfortable and casual at home. American homes have a strong personality, which expresses the Americans' pursuit of freedom and the spirit of advocating innovation. American furniture is the most typical representative of colonial style furniture. Since the United States is an immigrant country, its immigrants have come to various European countries, and its furniture also contains elements of various European countries, including British classic Queen Anne style, modern British mission elements, and French Louis XIV Baroque style. The rococo style of Louis XV, the neoclassical style of Louis XVI, and the elements of Germany, Italy, and Spain. So these elements finally merged in the United States. American furniture is based on the way of life brought by immigrants from various countries in the late European Renaissance. It simplified British, French, Italian, German, Greek, and Egyptian-style classical furniture, combining function and decoration. We all know Europe. Most of the furniture is high-class, like European buildings, magnificent, inlaid with gold and silver, and only the royal family can afford to use it, then American furniture will make such royal furniture civilians, and the high-class style will still be retained, but the materials are Will choose natural solid wood, and pay attention to detail carvings like Europeans, but will not be too public, and pay more attention to the practicability of the furniture. Extended reading: Detailed explanation of American furniture style American furniture often has totems expressing American cultural concepts, such as elephants, salmon, lions, eagles, and stilts, as well as some totems reflecting Indian culture. , A guest who was traveling in the United States once told me that one day, he and his wife were resting in a small hotel in the American countryside at night. The man got up at night, only to see that the room was full of all kinds of things. The totem of the name, even a monkey on the table lamp, and the raised carvings on the furniture, look like animals, staring at you, not to mention the decorations. It feels weird. In fact, this is the characteristic of American furniture. A totem and a sculpture are all interesting stories. Nostalgia, romance and respect for time are also the best evaluations of American furniture. American furniture uses fine wood, which is generally thicker, strong and durable. A piece of American furniture can generally be used for decades. For hundreds of years, the grandfather used it and passed it on to the father, and the father passed it on to the son. In an American family, if you have a piece of furniture that your grandmother used, it will definitely be placed in the most eye-catching position at home. This is a kind of pride for Americans. In addition, American furniture lacks the splendor of European furniture, inlaid with gold and silver, retaining its spaciousness, comfort, and becoming more practical. Moreover, the practicality of American furniture is reflected in its multi-function. Because American furniture is larger in size, it is more convenient to apply. According to the design of style, many American furniture are like wardrobes, which may also be used as TV cabinets, and some dining cabinets can be used. Used as a dressing table, it greatly enhances his practicality.
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