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The 'Carpenter Emperor' of Ming Xizong's superb skills

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-04-02
The mahogany furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties has achieved a pinnacle of furniture in China and the world. The emperors and literati in the Ming and Qing dynasties have played a role in promoting the development of mahogany furniture manufacturing. The selection of mahogany furniture, style design and carving craftsmanship are profound. Cultural connotation. Among them, Emperor Ming Xizong, who played a huge role in promoting the production of mahogany furniture, has superb carpentry craftsmanship, and was passed down as a good story by future generations. Therefore, he was affectionately called the 'Carpenter Emperor' by later generations. According to historical records, Mingxi Zong Zhu Youxiao did not do well as emperor, with the intrusion of the golden soldiers outside and the uprising of the end of the Ming Dynasty inside. He didn’t do his job properly, he didn’t listen to the teachings of the sages to 'Zufa Yaoshun, Charter Civil and Martial Arts'. Instead, he had a keen interest in carpentry work. He dealt with axes, saws, and planes all day long. He only knew how to make woodware, build small palaces, and make national affairs. Forgetting it, he became a veritable 'Carpenter Emperor'. If he is the Minister of Construction, maybe the history of furniture development will change from then on. Although incompetent as an emperor, he has been a carpenter since he was a child. Not only is he often addicted to the work of carpentry with swords and axes, he is also skilled, and the average skilled craftsman can only be beyond the reach. He is very good at making axes, repairing palaces and making utensils. It is said that he can make all the wooden utensils, pavilions and pavilions he has seen. Every carpenter's work, such as sawing axe and chiseling, rubbing paint, etc., is personally operated by his ministry. His hand-made lacquerware, beds, comb boxes, etc. are all decorated with colorful, exquisite and unexpected. According to the 'Xianbozhi': 'Axes belong to one's own hands. Although skillful craftsman, you can't go too far.' The literature contains 'Creation day and night. According to historical records, during the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty, the beds made by craftsmen were extremely heavy and could only be moved by more than a dozen people. They used a lot of materials and were of ordinary style. Mingxi Zongjing designed the pattern himself, saw the pegboard himself, and built a bed in more than a year. The bedplate can be folded and it is very convenient to carry and move. The bed frame is also carved with various patterns, which is beautiful and generous. Admired by the craftsman. Ming Xizong also made good use of wood to make small toys. He made small wooden figures, men, women and children, all with demeanor, facial features and limbs, all equipped, and their movements are very vivid. Xi Zong also sent the eunuchs to sell on the market. The people in the city bought them at a high price. The Emperor Tianqi was even more happy. He often did not rest until midnight, and often asked the eunuchs around him to be his assistants. Ming Xizong integrated design, supervision, foreman, and craftsman, from palace construction to woodware making, everything is exquisite and omnipotent. The 'Title of Jiashen Dynasty' records that the lacquerware, inkstone bed, comb box and other utensils made by Zhu Youxiao are very exquisite. Especially in the carving, the works are colorful, exquisite, and unexpected. Whether it is building palaces or making utensils, Zhu Youxiao always strives for perfection and strict requirements. After each piece of work is made, he is first happy, and then dissatisfied. Abandon it and do it again. Zhu You's hobby of proofreading carpenters is entirely out of instinct, because he has no clear purpose for doing this. He has made many exquisite utensils, and he does not know what they are used for. Sometimes he asked the eunuch to take these exquisite utensils to the market and sell them at a high price. Once, the little eunuch took the eight small screens he made and the carved 'Hard Bird Fighting the Plum Blossom' to the market for sale. They were so popular that they received 10,000 yuan, which made Zhu Youxiao a happy dragon. A faint and incompetent emperor, a skilled carpenter.
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