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The bottom line of the price of leather sofas depends on the material

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-10
Searching for 'leather sofa' in a treasure of Universal, the price ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. A set of 3+1 chaise sofas entrenched on the homepage is actually as low as 2,000 yuan, just looking at the praise is also drunk. Selling a leather sofa for more than 2,000 yuan, can you believe it? How do you let the manufacturer live? Of course, manufacturers can produce more than 2,000 yuan of 'leather' products, but it will take time to test whether they are leather. The town where we are located is the national soft sofa production base, and all the leather sofas sold by a treasure come from here. Due to work reasons, I often come into contact with some sofa manufacturers and leather material suppliers. Especially with the gradual improvement of modern imitation leather technology, even experienced leather masters can't tell the truth from the false at a glance. Where is the bottom line of the price of leather sofas? The answer of the leather material supplier is the most true. 4,000 yuan is the base price of a leather sofa. Mr. Jin has been dealing with leather since the agricultural production cooperative in the 1950s. He currently runs a furniture leather store that only sells scalp leather. He is an expert in leather. He believes that it is more difficult for ordinary consumers to quickly grasp the knowledge of identifying real leather. The so-called 'you get what you pay forBuffalo half-green leather, scalper half-green leather for 6,000 yuan or more, and scalper full-green leather for 10,000 yuan or more. This tens of thousands of cattle all-green leather sofa is the top leather, if you add a wooden frame, it will cost more than 12,000 yuan. 'A yellow cowhide/buffalo cowhide is divided into the first layer and the second layer. The quality is different to determine the price.' Mr. Jin took a leather sample and told us that the whole green leather is also called the first layer leather. Slight grinding treatment does not damage the tissue structure of the dermis, so it retains the natural characteristics of the cortex. The pores are fine and clear, and you can breathe freely. The hand feels fine and shiny, and it feels flexible, delicate and elastic, and has a very good smell. It is mellow and has very good air permeability; semi-green skin is also called two-layer skin, which refers to the thicker epidermis underneath after peeling off the original skin, that is, the whole green skin. Deep sanding treatment can be used, but the processed leather has damaged the epidermal tissue components, and there is no obvious pores after dyeing, the hand feels rough and dull, and the elasticity is poor. 'The best quality of all green leather is the original green leather. The surface of the cowhide has not been artificially modified. It is only treated with craftsmanship and does not damage the structure of the leather. The life experience of the cow is clearly reflected in the leather.' Mr. Jin said at present. The common ones in China are full green leather and half green leather, while the original green leather is not as popular as abroad because of the domestic consumption concept does not love scars and other natural defects. There is a kind of leather sofa. Considering consumers' sensitivity to prices, many manufacturers blur the concept of leather sofas and increase sales and gain profits by rubbing the edge ball. It is understood that some sofas now use real leather on the front and PU artificial leather on the back. This is not a “full leather sofa” in the true sense. Some sofas are coated with a layer of PU on the second layer of leather, making them cheap and high in utilization. Two-layer transfer leather with dermis effect. Other shoddy methods include: adding a coating layer on the second layer of leather, which is beautiful but not breathable; spraying leather scraps and leather fibers on PU; splicing the scraps of the second layer of leather into a piece of leather and covering it. PU film. Related reading: How to repair a leather sofa when a leather sofa is damaged, with leather on the front and artificial leather on the back. 'Leather sofas made of these materials contain leather ingredients when they are sent for inspection. Consumers can't tell the manufacturer what to do. 'Mr. Jin said. According to him, the leather market is too messy now, the whole is the same as antiques and jade, it is difficult to identify if it is not an expert. Even if you are an expert, you have to pay more attention to the current 'imitation leather' before you can tell the difference. Experts say that it is difficult to distinguish, let alone consumers, it is no wonder that a certain treasure dared to label 'Brazil imported leather' and 'imported top layer cowhide' at every turn. The industry is so chaotic, is there no standard constraint? 'There is really no standard. Genuine leather is a ‘non-standard’ category.' Mr. Jin said. It is understood that there are two main reasons why the leather cannot be standardized: one is that no two cows in the world are the same. The breeding environment, body shape, and state of the cattle when they are slaughtered are different, which determines the difference in the cortex; the second is the area of u200bu200bthe dermis. It can only be measured by scanning, not 100% accurate measurement. The current international size is 97 feet, and the domestic size is 90 yards. In actual transactions, there are also 70 yards. This has become an unspoken rule for both parties in the transaction. Real leather is not easy to distinguish, so you must see clearly when buying. If you want to buy a leather sofa, you have to make a corresponding price budget. It is unrealistic to expect to buy a leather sofa at a low price. (Source: Xinhongyang Home Furnishing Original Title: What is the reserve price of a leather sofa nowadays?)
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