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The basic skills of mahogany furniture carpentry

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-03
To measure whether the basic skills of mahogany furniture carpentry are solid, the proverb of 'one material, two lines, and three holes' is often used as the test standard. The first step in furniture production and interior decoration is planing. Good or bad planing directly affects the quality and appearance of objects. The planed material is generally required to be flat and smooth, with the size and surface at right angles, and the two ends of the material are in a straight line. To do this, you must master the method of planing. Before planing, you must first see the grain direction of the wood and the warpage of the wood, choose a relatively flat wide surface as the large surface, use a rough planer to plan in the direction of the wood grain, and then plan it with a fine planer. When planing, use a single eye to look at the other end of the wood from this section of the wood to check the straightness of the planing surface at any time. After the large surface is planed, plan the adjacent small surface. Use the same method as described above to check the straightness, and use the square to close the large surface, drag it back and forth to check the squareness of the corners of the large and small surfaces. When planing curved wood, plan the concave surface first, and then the convex surface. If you plan the convex surface first, it will not be flat due to the bending of the material, and the convex surface will bend downward under pressure, and it will be difficult to plan straight. The second line is a key link in woodworking construction. Line drawing is carried out according to the shape and size of the object. Inaccurate line drawing will affect the overall situation. Anything, whether it is furniture or doors and windows, requires strict shoulders to corners. Therefore, draw lines must strive to be accurate and correct. (1) Accurate. To draw a line is to place the wood of the same specification, the large surface and the large surface together, clamp each other, and then draw the line uniformly. In order to ensure accuracy, when drawing a large number of lines, you can use ink plants to draw. The ink plant is made of wood or bamboo, with triangular grooves carved on it, and the distance between the triangular grooves is determined according to the required size. When drawing a line, the ink plant moves along the edge of the wood, and the brush is placed in the groove and kept perpendicular to the wood. No matter how many lines are drawn in this way, they are all the same size. At the same time, it should be noted that always draw from the big surface first, first draw the horizontal line, and then draw the vertical line. In addition, the square ruler, square ruler, and movable ruler must be used accurately. (2) Correct. When drawing the ink line of the eyelet, the width of the eyelet should be the same as the width of the corresponding chisel edge, and the full eye and half hole should be used properly. When drawing the tenon line, pay attention to the reasonable size of the tenon. The thickness of a single tenon is not more than 1/3 of the thickness of the wood, and the width is not more than 6cm. The thickness of the double tenon shall not exceed 1/3 of the thickness of the wood, and the width shall be about 1/4 of the height of the wood, and shall not exceed 6cm. The length of the half tenon between the double tenons is not more than 2cm. The thickness of the double tenon is not more than 1/5 of the thickness of the wood, and the width is not more than 6cm. The thickness of the tenon should be equal to the width of the corresponding hole, so as to avoid the phenomenon of squeezing when the tenon is too thick. 3. The chisel used for punching holes should be sharp, and the chisel should be upright and perpendicular to the wood. First make a full hole, then a half hole. The back of the hole should be punched first, and when it is half deep, turn it over and punch the front again until it penetrates. If the hole is punched from the back at one time, it is easy to tear the wood at the front hole. The punched holes should be square and straight on both sides. Generally, when the first chisel is drilled, it should be 1~2mm off line, and the last chisel must be drilled to the line, so that the hole is more square after being drilled. The inside of the hole should be clean and no wood residue should be left. The middle of the two ends of the hole can be slightly bulged, so that the tenon is knocked in and tightly combined with the hole, and it is not easy to withdraw after adding the wedge. Do not chisel off the ink line on the front of the hole, leave a half line, and do not leave a line on the reverse side, and it should be wider than the front side, so that the wood around the hole will not be cracked when the tenon is installed.
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