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The basic knowledge you must know when buying a wine cooler

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-08
For many families, the wine cabinet has become an indispensable landscape in the restaurant. The colorful wines displayed in it are colorful, which can add a lot of gorgeous colors to the restaurant, and it will greatly increase the appetite. According to the refrigeration method, the wine cabinet can be divided into: electronic semiconductor, compressor direct cooling type, frequency conversion air cooling type, according to material: solid wood wine cabinet and synthetic wine cabinet, synthetic wine cabinet adopts electronic, wood, PVC and other material combinations. At present, the most widely used in the city is the synthetic wine cabinet. Related reading: Three major feng shui taboos for wine cabinets in restaurants. Pay attention to the working principle of compressor wine cabinets. Compressor wine cabinets are electronic wine cabinets that use compressor mechanical refrigeration as a refrigeration system. The compressor electronic wine cabinet realizes refrigeration through its refrigeration system. The refrigeration system is composed of four basic parts, namely the compressor, the condenser, the throttling part, and the evaporator. The four major parts are connected in a certain order by copper pipes to form a closed system, and a certain amount of refrigerant is filled in the system. The general refrigerant is Freon. In the past, R22 was usually used. For some compressors, Freon has adopted new environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R410A, R-404A, and R407. Taking refrigeration as an example, the compressor sucks in the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas from the evaporator and compresses it into high-temperature and high-pressure Freon gas, and then flows through the thermal expansion valve (capillary tube), throttling it into a low-temperature and low-pressure Freon vapor-liquid two-phase object , And then the low-temperature and low-pressure Freon liquid absorbs heat from the air in the space in the evaporator and becomes low-temperature and low-pressure Freon gas, which is sucked by the compressor. After the indoor air passes through the evaporator, it releases heat and the air temperature drops. Such compression—condensation—throttling—evaporation repeats the cycle, and the refrigerant continuously takes away the heat of the indoor air, thereby reducing the temperature in the space. When heating, by switching the four-way valve, the flow direction of the refrigerant is changed, so that the outdoor heat exchanger becomes an evaporator, absorbing the heat of the outdoor air, while the indoor evaporation becomes a condenser, dissipating the heat indoors. To achieve the purpose of heating. The characteristics and advantages of wine cabinets have good cooling effect: the lowest temperature can reach 5℃; the temperature control range is large, generally between 5~22℃, and the semiconductor refrigeration is generally 10~18℃. Compressor wine cabinets are less affected by the ambient temperature. Even in high-temperature environments, the temperature in the wine cabinet can still reach the ideal storage temperature of wine, while the semiconductor wine cabinet can only drop 6~8°C from the ambient temperature. Stable performance: Compressor refrigeration technology is adopted, the technology is mature, the performance is stable, and it is not easy to malfunction. Long service life: Because the technology is mature and the inverter technology is generally used, the compressor works intermittently, so the service life of the compressor wine cabinet is relatively long. Compressor wine cabinets generally have a service life of 8 to 10 years; while semiconductor wine cabinets generally have a service life of 3 to 5 years. Like all natural and perishable foods, wine will change due to its surrounding environmental factors. The cool storage environment and constant temperature ensure that the original quality characteristics of the wine will last forever. In order to maintain the good quality of the wine, regardless of the price , Should be placed in the appropriate environment after purchase. For a large collection of wine, there should be a wine cellar with constant temperature and humidity. However, in today's society, I am afraid that most people do not have the conditions to dig a cellar by themselves. Therefore, the wine cabinet is the best substitute for the wine cellar. This is also the main reason why wine lovers choose wine cabinets.
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