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The basic form of Ming furniture carving pattern

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-30
Ming-style furniture carving is a masterpiece of my country's carving art. As far as the content of carving is concerned, the sculptures include landscape figures, birds and beasts, flowers, insects, fish, ancient artifacts, Western patterns, and festive auspiciousness. Fan. If you scrutinize it carefully, there are quite a few patterns in it. To give the largest one, there are four main types of carving patterns: (1) Birds and beasts patterns: there are chilong patterns, chi and tiger patterns, phoenix patterns, unicorn patterns, deer patterns, crane patterns, magpie patterns, etc., most of which are selected from people Worship favorite things, among which the shape of dragon and phoenix is u200bu200bparticularly prominent. The dragon is the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation. It is strong and vigorous, full of change, fierce and mighty, capable of making clouds and rain, and the dragon was used as a symbol of the emperor in the feudal era. Dragon patterns are mostly carved on furniture used by the palace and the royal family. Feng, the ancients called the divine bird, the king of birds, and came from the country of gentlemen in the east. Whenever the world is Daning, its sound is like a flute, noble and graceful.  The common patterns of birds and beasts in Ming-style furniture carvings clearly bear the legacy of statues in the pre-Qin, Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties: majestic and broad. People can't help but think of the profound simplicity of Huo Qubing's stone sculptures and many palaces of the Han Dynasty, as well as the unrestrained and vigorous demeanor of Wuwei bronze horses and stone beasts in the tombs of the Six Dynasties. (2) Auspicious flower and character patterns: Auspicious flower patterns include curly grass pattern, peony pattern, twisted branch pattern, ganoderma pattern, plum pattern, lotus pattern, cloud pattern, etc. The development of Chinese auspicious flower patterns has a long history. From the pre-Qin period to the Tang Dynasty, the styles of patterns were deeply influenced by the paintings of the time, and they were very magnificent and colorful. The auspicious patterns of flower characters in Ming-style furniture have inherited and carried forward the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, fully embodying a strong aesthetic pursuit of grace and luxury. The landscape characters show plot and story-like pictures. (3) Antique ornaments: There are antique jade ornaments, imitation bronze ancient ornaments and so on. At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, elegance and tranquility were advocated, and the ancient style was flourishing. Archaeology and epigraphy became fashionable. Bogu patterns have also become one of the important decorations of furniture. There are many ancient jade ornaments in the Qing Dynasty red sandalwood furniture. The carvings are meticulous and the artistic conception is ancient, just like the beauty of gold and stone rubbings. Related reading: Ming-style furniture and Ming dynasty furniture must-tell the story (4) Western ornamentation: During the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, a large number of Western art craftsmen were used in the palace. The influence of these Western artists was mainly in architecture and painting. In architecture, the imperial court built the Yuanmingyuan with Chinese and Western walls; in painting, Castiglione introduced Western painting art and decorative style to China and used Chinese paintings to express traditional furniture. Its art has penetrated into Ming-style furniture with western decorative patterns unique to this period. Passionflower pattern is a representative of Western ornamentation. In the West, it is like a Chinese peony, and it is loved by people, and it has greater deformation and randomness than peony in carving. When we understand the basic content of Ming-style furniture carvings, it is not difficult to find that the carving art of Ming-style furniture has the same origin with the traditional art of the pre-Qin and Han dynasties; it has a close connection with other craftsmanship during the same period, showing the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The spirit of the Korean national culture not only shows the rich and luxurious life of the emperor, but also shows the literati advocating noble state of mind, and at the same time reflects the common people's desire for peace and happiness.
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