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The basic dimensions of the major furniture, let alone you don’t know!

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-01
Every piece of equipment must be made after careful consideration, and the same is true for furniture. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the furniture has to be easy to use. The scale, shape, color, layout, etc. in furniture design must conform to the physical and psychological scales of the human body and the law of activities of various parts of the human body. In the furniture-scale design, the height design of cabinets, podiums without seats, and tables are based on the people's standing reference points; the furniture used for sitting positions, such as desks, dining tables, and chairs, are based on the sitting reference points. Standard; bedding such as bed, sofa bed and couch shall be subject to the reference point of lying position. For example, when designing the height of the seat, it is measured and designed based on the reference point of the person's sitting position (ischial node). The height is often set between 390mm-420mm. Because the height is less than 380mm, the knee will be arched. It feels uncomfortable and it is difficult to stand up; when the height is greater than 500mm of the length of the lower limbs, the body pressure is dispersed to the thighs, causing pressure on the inner thighs and swelling of the lower legs. In addition, the width, depth, inclination, and backrest curvature of the seat surface all fully consider the size of the human body and the law of movement of various parts. The depth design of the cabinet furniture, the height of the desk and the leg space, the elastic design of the mattress, etc. are all based on people, starting from the physiological needs of people. Door furniture (mm): ◆ Shoe cabinet: height 850-900, shelf depth not less than 350 ◆ Entrance: height 900-950, depth 350-450 Living room furniture (mm): ◆ Sofa: length 2000-2400, depth 950- 1000, height 750-1250, seat height 420-450, armrest height 600-700 Single sofa: long 800-1200 two-seat sofa: long 1500-1800 three-seat sofa: long 2000-2300 four-seater sofa: long 2300-2600◆ Coffee table: large rectangular type: length 1000-1500, width 600-800, height 420-450 small rectangular type: length 700-900, width 450-650, height 420-450 square type: 800/900/1000/1200 , Height 420-450 round type: diameter 750/900/1000, height 420-450◆ Angle number: rectangular type: length 550-650, width 400-550, height 600-650 square type: 450/500/550/ 600, height 600-650 round type: diameter 450/500/550/600, height 600-650 kitchen furniture (mm): ◆Kitchen counter: upper cabinet, not less than 1500 from the ground, depth 280-350, lower cabinet, height 850 -920, depth 450-650 The distance between the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet should be greater than 550. The follow-up distance between the range hood and the lower cabinet is 600-800. :Rectangular: 700/900/1200, height 750-780 (Western style 700-720) Rectangle: width 700/800/900/100/1200, long in proportion to 1200 or above, height 750-780 (Western style 700-720) Round table: Diameter 500-700 for two people, 850-1000 for four people, 1100-1300 for six people, 1300-1400 for eight people, 1500-1600 for ten people, and 1800 for twelve people; the diameter of the turntable of a round table is equal to the diameter of the table minus 700-900◆ Dining chair: dining chair seat width 460-500, seat depth 450-480, seat height 450, armrest height does not exceed 650, armchair inner width 480-500 ◆Side cabinet: height 850-900, depth 400-500 ◆ Wine cabinet: Depth 450-480, the height between the shelf and the shelf should not be less than 400. Related reading: The dining room combination in the kitchen must fire bedroom furniture (mm): ◆Wardrobe: Length: Hinge door width is about 450, sliding door width 600 above. The height of hanging coat is 1200-1600, the height of hanging short clothes is more than 1000, the height of hanging pants is about 800, the height of clothes rail does not exceed 1800, and the height of dark draw is 150-200. Depth: 600-650◆TV cabinet: depth of about 450, height About 600 ◆Bed (conventional mattress): 900*1800, 1200*1800, 1500*2000, 1800*2000, 2000*2000, 2000*2200 ◆Bedside table: length 450-650, depth 400-500, height 550-600 ◆Dressing table: length 1200-1600, depth 400-500, height 750 ◆Makeup stool: length 450-550, width 400-500, height 450-480 Study furniture (mm): ◆Bookcase: depth 400-450 (for books Shelves 300-350), height above 1800 ◆Desk: depth 500-750, height 750 ◆Book chair: According to the conventional chair size bar furniture (mm): ◆Bar counter: height 900-1150 ◆Bar chair: seat height 750, The length of the seat frame is about 450-460, and the seat depth is 450 (Source: Baidu Library, Internet)
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