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The background of the generation of Victorian furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-26
Before exploring the mysteries of Victorian homes, you might as well understand the background of the time. The Victorian era was followed by the Georgian era and later the Edwardian era. It is considered to be the peak of the British Industrial Revolution and the British Empire. In this era, whether it is industry or culture, it is enough to fill the entire era with splendor, so that any life-related things can not escape their infection. The Victorian era inevitably walked on the road of furniture modernization. In the Victorian era, the wave of scientific invention was surging. Victorians believed in scientific progress and were full of optimism and confidence in the industrial revolution. The emergence of steamboats has brought unprecedented prosperity to transportation and trade. Railroads extending in all directions run from east to west, north to south. The attempts of a variety of furniture styles are also a major manifestation of the changes in the Victorian era. The furniture design of this period emphasized visual magnificence. Following the neoclassicism sought after by Heberwaii, Sheldon and others, diversified styles such as Gothic and Ancient Greek broadened the ideas of furniture design. The cumbersome decoration was regained in this period, and the gothic style with a mysterious atmosphere was admired. In addition, Victorian furniture has undergone tremendous changes in materials and design. Plywood, iron, brass and other materials are more widely used, and the spring cushion keeps the sofa supporting and full. Of course, in order to satisfy the visual enjoyment, various refined and gorgeous weaving patterns are widely used to reproduce the peak of furniture decoration.
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