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The artistic charm and value charm of mahogany furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-31
Mahogany furniture is regarded as a treasure among the furniture. She is noble and gorgeous, carrying the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, integrating practicality, artistry, value preservation and appreciation. Generally speaking, the value of classical furniture depends on factors such as material, age and quality. The materials of Ming and Qing furniture are usually arranged as follows: one yellow (huanghuali), two black (red sandalwood), three red (old mahogany), and four white (nanmu, beech). Some people divide the materials into hardwoods and softwoods. Yellow, black, and red are hardwoods and are better than softwoods. The older the age, the less the stock, and the relatively expensive. Where is the artistic charm of traditional furniture? 1. Artistic modeling The modeling of traditional furniture is very aesthetic, especially the Ming-style furniture, which is concise and lively, the lines are very charming, and it is very ergonomic. Second, the artistic traditional furniture of craftsmanship can be done without lacquering and waxing. The polishing technique alone can make it as smooth as jade and as soft as brocade. The carving skills are even more apex, and many pieces of furniture are themselves excellent woodcarving works. 3. The artistry of the decorative patterns Many decorative patterns on traditional furniture run through the Chinese concept of auspiciousness. Each decorative pattern has a specific meaning and symbol, and has rich cultural connotations. Fourth, the vicissitudes of history Traditional furniture is like a living fossil, recording the history of the generation time. Each piece of furniture seems to condense historical figures and stories, carrying the beauty of the vicissitudes of time. 5. The modern decoration is beautiful and the modern home environment is matched with one or two pieces of classical furniture like cultural relics, which is quite cultural.
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