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The advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-25
The Nordic people turned decay into magic. After a special process, the pine wood that had been crowded with excessive turpentine was dried out and processed into high-quality wood with a beautiful color, a combination of rigidity and softness. And because of the environmental protection of pine and the log feeling it brings, more and more people like pine furniture. The advantages of pine furniture: 1. The selection, design and manufacture of pine furniture. Pine is a coniferous forest species. Due to the high forest coverage, all the trees are basically not manually pruned, so that after processing into lumber, the branches leave traces of natural growth. When the furniture is made, it can fully show the authenticity, simplicity and natural beauty of the material. 2. Most pine furniture has simple and elegant shapes, full and smooth lines, and the processing techniques with less carvings are environmentally friendly and healthy. 3. Good pine furniture is maintained from time to time, and generally has a longer service life. Maybe it can be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom! 4. High-quality pine furniture will emit a unique smell of logs, which may be unaccustomed to some people at first, but this special smell is not only harmless to the human body but also beneficial to health. Disadvantages of pine furniture: 1. Pine furniture has soft wood, and the furniture is easy to crack and deform, and high moisture content can easily lead to cracking, so pay attention to moisture. 2. Newly bought pine furniture has a special pine smell, which may be unaccustomed to some consumers; 3. Some pine furniture manufacturers use paint to cover up the knots of the pine wood several times to make the surface of the furniture thicker. , Has lost the core value of pine furniture pursuing the natural color.
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