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The advantages and disadvantages of cypress furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-29
Cypress is a greasy material, it will emit a delicate fragrance of lipids under natural growth conditions. It has excellent material, straight texture and fine structure. Because it is dense and contains grease, it has good corrosion resistance. Cypress furniture is firm and does not rot when exposed to water. No blackening, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, anti-mosquito, anti-odor, anti-leakage, anti-static, anti-deformation, wear-resistant and other excellent characteristics. The growth of cypress trees is extremely slow, and can generally be mature in 50 years. Because the wood is relatively hard, it is not easy to be scratched during use, and the more you use it, the smoother it is. According to the cypress heartwood and sapwood color, the quality of the material, and the difficulty of processing, it is divided into oil cypress, yellow cypress and fur cypress. How about cypress bedside table cypress furniture? Good cypress furniture (a brand of cypress furniture) is bright and soft, and it becomes more shiny and smooth with the passage of time. Cypress has the reputation of 'thousand-year pine, Wannian cypressThe unique aroma of cypress itself has the effect of soothing the nerves and replenishing the brain, so cypress furniture also has the effect of invigorating the brain and meditation, and its aromatic smell has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, and some varieties of cypress can also play a role in sterilization and disinfection. effect. For people who move frequently or use it temporarily, cypress furniture is not suitable, because the weight of cypress furniture is relatively large and it is difficult to carry. Extended reading: The selection of cypress furniture and the identification of the shortcomings of cypress furniture 1. Cracks are prone to occur during the drying process of cypress wood, so you need to carefully identify it during the purchase process. 2. Cypress furniture is rich in grease, which is easy to produce pests. 3. Cypress furniture is dense, so it is heavy and difficult to move. The advantages of cypress furniture 1. Cypress furniture has a fragrant smell, which can kill harmful bacteria in the air, play a role in purifying the air and beautifying the environment, and can also reduce people's fatigue and stabilize emotions. 2. Cypress furniture has the characteristics of being firm, not rotten in contact with water, will not turn black, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, anti-mosquito, anti-odor, anti-leakage, anti-static, not easy to deform, wear-resistant, etc., and is durable. 3. Cypress wood has the characteristics of straight texture and fine structure, so cypress furniture has exquisite texture, and it will not change over time, and it will become smoother and brighter. Precautions for purchasing cypress dining table cypress furniture 1. Cypress furniture has a good pattern, and good cypress furniture is polished and smooth, and it is very smooth in appearance and has a good texture. However, it should be prevented from sticking to cypress furniture and hollow ones. 2. The structure of cypress furniture is dense, so you can check whether it is cypress furniture by tapping and measuring its material thickness when purchasing. Extended reading: Selection and discrimination of cypress furniture
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