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The advantages and disadvantages of cherry wood furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-21
Cherry wood is a high-grade wood, mainly distributed in the eastern United States. The cherry wood commonly used in furniture is basically imported wood. The color of the heartwood of cherry wood ranges from bright red to brownish red. The color of good cherry wood furniture is very beautiful. Cherry wood It is born with brown tree core spots and small gum nests, with fine texture, clear texture, good polishing, and good coating effect, suitable for high-end household products. Cherry wood furniture is colorful and has a very special advantage-the longer the time, the darker the color and wood grain. Therefore, the texture of cherry wood is more beautiful than that of nanmu. Cherry wood furniture is more suitable for American furniture and European pastoral style. The furniture, so common cherry wood furniture rarely has a rustic style, and the positioning of the decoration style is relatively high-end. The advantages of cherry wood furniture. Cherry wood furniture has good bending performance, medium bending strength and impact strength, and slightly lower hardness. Because cherry wood furniture has unique physical characteristics, it is not easy to grow insects at home, and the furniture made of cherry wood is atmospheric , Noble, so it will be very classy at home. The disadvantages of cherry wood furniture Compared with other ordinary solid wood, cherry wood furniture is more expensive in price, and the newly made cherry wood furniture has rough wood, and the wood wool will be easy to crack. Because the drying time is relatively fast, the shrinkage after drying is relatively large. It is easy to deform, but the stability after drying is high and it is not easy to deform. Purchase and identification of cherry wood furniture. Cherry wood is delicate and elegant, and expensive. The best cherry wood comes from North America. The wood has minerals with black spots. Therefore, when choosing the business, it is necessary to identify the authenticity of North American cherry wood furniture, and many cherry wood furniture on the market are faked by Southwestern birch. When I look at the color and spots, the cherry wood furniture has black spots inside, but Southwest birch does not. In terms of color, the color of cherry wood furniture is yellowish, while the color of Southwest birch furniture is reddish.
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