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The adaptability of mahogany furniture to the environment

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-04
Mahogany furniture has become an important part of environmental art because of its beauty in shape, material and rhythm. Moreover, mahogany furniture is highly adaptable to the environment, which is another major feature of Chinese furniture, which is mainly manifested in the following three aspects: First, in the courtyard, whether it is the main house, the south house, or the east and west wing, mahogany furniture is displayed. , Harmony, match perfectly. But it can also be placed in modern buildings and unit buildings, which are equally wonderful. Second, if the interior is decorated with Chinese-style decorations such as partitions, flower covers, flower windows, railings, wall hangings, screen cabinets, and mahogany furniture, they will complement each other and be a perfect match. Even if the interior is only four white floor, no decoration, or non-Chinese decoration, the mahogany furniture will still have an elegant and solemn atmosphere and endless charm. Third, all mahogany furniture is placed in a room, which is antique and has a strong ethnic style. However, mahogany furniture can also be placed in the same room with other furniture, complementing each other, embellishing each other, or combining Chinese and Western, or classical and modern, and they will also receive a surprisingly winning, different and harmonious artistic effect. In short, they are in harmony with each other, and they are also in harmony with each other. Harmonious but not dull, different but not nondescript. Harmony but not the same, violation but not violation. But it must be noted that there is a theme, a little embellishment, there are main and auxiliary, not evenly divided. So, why does Chinese-style furniture-mahogany furniture have such a wide range of adaptability to the environment? In addition to integrating practicability, artistry, science, and decoration, while the shape is dignified, elegant, and natural, there is another important reason for the change. For example, the same shape can be larger or smaller in size. In terms of decorative patterns, they can be more or less, complex or simple. As a result, the mahogany furniture has a strong affinity and can meet the different needs of different environments and different customers.
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