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Terminology of Chinese Classical Furniture

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-03-18
The idiom 'open the door' is used to evaluate an undisputed genuine product. There are also what is called 'open the doorMountain climbing was originally used to evaluate repaired old calligraphy and paintings. In the past, people from second-hand dealers dug out some of the old paintings that had no signature or nickname, and then added the title of the name to pretend to be a genuine celebrity. In the old furniture industry, it refers specifically to old furniture that has been repaired. The forklift is to assemble several incomplete pieces of furniture into one piece. This is more difficult. It must be pieced together with furniture of the same material, and the style of the furniture must be taken into consideration, otherwise the expert will be able to see through it at a glance. Spicy refers to the better color of old furniture. The surface of patina old furniture leaves traces due to long-term use. Because of the perspiration penetration and the continuous touch of the palm, the wooden surface will have a warm luster. Leather shell especially refers to the original patent leather of old furniture. In the process of long-term use of furniture, wood and lacquered surfaces are in close contact with the natural environment such as air and moisture, and are slowly weathered. The original lacquered surfaces have a warm and jade-like patina and the effect of lacquer cracking. To make old use new wood or old materials to imitate old furniture, and to make use marks on new furniture, mixed with fish eyes. The age of the old furniture. Taking medicine means buying fake products. This is Su Zuo carpenter's praise for the fineness of furniture making. For example, a chair or a stool. After finishing the work, place the same few on the ground and move them sequentially. The size of their footprints and the distance between the legs are not different. This kind of situation where the size is the same and only the footprints are the same, it will be 'five doors'. Adding color later refers to repainting gold and color on old furniture with severely faded paint, which is generally used for tracing gold cabinets. Lech worker especially refers to the bas-relief on the surface of the furniture. The protruding part of the bas-relief is semicircular and resembles a leech crawling on the surface of the wood, so it is named. Jade Craftsman specifically refers to the bas-relief on the surface of the furniture referring to the patterns and craftsmanship of the Han Dynasty jade, which is more common on hardwood furniture. Poor goods refer to furniture that is not well done or have problems with materials. Sometimes it also refers to newly imitated furniture and goods that can't be taken off for several years after receipt. It's called the business between the industry, also called the hammer. Yangzhuang does business with foreigners. The village does domestic business. Swollen legs and bulging teeth means that the legs of the furniture bulge from the waist, and then retract back inward to make an arc, and the feet are mostly inverted horseshoes. The three-bend legs dig inward at the transition between the upper and lower leg posts of table furniture into a bend shape, and the feet of bent-leg furniture are mostly inwardly turned into a hoof shape. Lost chamber refers to the space under the drawers or doors of furniture such as boring cabinets and round-corner cabinets. Because it is not easy to be found, it can be used to store some more expensive items. Girdle refers to making a waist line that shrinks inwardly and is shorter than the edge of the surface and the tooth strip under the edge of the furniture. The waist is divided into high waist and low waist, and the waist line can also be divided into straight waist and punched waist. Belted furniture is an important feature of Ming-style furniture. Mud support means that there is a wooden frame or stow support under the legs of the furniture, which can prevent the furniture legs from being damp and rot. This wooden frame or stow is the support mud. The offering table and half-moon table generally have mud. Hard drawers and soft drawers Hard drawers refer to furniture chair surfaces and couch surfaces that are inlaid with wood panels, while soft drawers refer to woven rattan surfaces to form a core. Shoulder and tenon refers to the tenon and tenon used when the legs and feet of waist furniture are combined with waist and tooth strips. From the appearance, the cross-section of this tenon is a half silver ingot-shaped hanging pin, which is hung with the notch on the back of the threaded strip, so that the waist and the threaded strip are strong and stable. Chuck tenon This is a common tenon and tenon structure used in case-shaped furniture. The four legs have a tenon at the top, which is close to the eye on the bottom of the table. The upper ends of the legs and feet are open, and the tooth strips and tooth heads are inserted to make the appearance of the legs and feet higher than the tooth strips and tooth heads. This structure enables the four legs to clamp the tooth bars and connect them into a box, so that the angle between the table and the legs is not easily changed, and the four legs can evenly follow the weight of the table. Raglan and tenon is also a common tenon and tenon structure in case furniture. Although the appearance is different from that of the chuck tenon, the structure is similar in essence. The tenon is also formed at the top of the leg, which is close to the hole at the bottom of the table, and the upper part is also open to insert the tooth strip. However, the oblique shoulders are cut out on the upper ends of the legs, and the notches are cut out at the intersection of the tooth strips and the legs, so that when the tooth strips are patted with the legs, the oblique shoulders of the legs and feet are inserted and clamped to form a flat surface. The advantage of this tenon is that after the tooth bar is pressed down, it occludes more closely with the oblique shoulder of the foot and leg. Luo Guoxi is also called Qiaoqiao. It is generally used for the crossbar connecting the leg posts under the furniture of tables and chairs. It is named because it has a high arch in the middle and a low end at both ends, which resembles a Luoguo. The upper end of Bawangxi Bawangxi holds the table top strap and is fixed with pin nails, and its lower end is combined with the upper part of the foot and leg. The tenon is inserted into the lower part of the mortise, and then it is hung together by pushing it up. The meaning of 'Overlord' means that this structure is extremely strong and can support the entire piece of furniture.
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