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Tenon and tenon joints create 'ten thousand years prison'

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-22
In this era of change, walking in the “jungle” made of reinforced concrete, people often feel a sense of loss. It seems that the thick, cordial, and peaceful that has always accompanied us before will never look back. Large-scale mechanized production has almost turned the entire society into a machine, constantly producing and phasing out. Sometimes wandering in those hutongs where too many childhood memories have been accumulated, and when entering the vermillion-lacquered courtyard, the vicissitudes and longevity are inexplicably intertwined and lingering. Once in a guest house in a courtyard house, a friend saw the full house of Chinese-style furnishings and expressed his feelings: these furniture that have been used for hundreds of years are still graceful and luxurious and strong as new, and the furniture I bought when I got married was only more than ten years old. It's even going to fall apart! Are our ancestors smarter than our modern people? I don’t know whether our ancestors are smarter than us, but they must be more real than many of our modern people. Just say that this piece of furniture has lasted for hundreds of years. Why? Because the old craftsmen are carefully crafted in strict accordance with our country's unique traditional craftsmanship, without cutting corners or cutting corners, and without profiting, they talk about being worthy of their conscience and their own craftsmanship. Without a nail, only a mortise and tenon, a Chinese-style furniture known as the 'Wan Nian Jao' is achieved between one insertion. Related reading: When buying mahogany furniture, you should first understand that solid wood and tenon and tenon joints are not the same as tenon joints? What's so great? Many people may say this, but how can it be that simple? The tenon and tenon structure in the furniture manufacturing process of our country has an irreplaceable important position in the history of furniture manufacturing in the world, but it is far from being as simple as plug and unplug. The production base of Beijing Yuanhengli Classical Hardwood Furniture Co., Ltd., which is well-known in the modern Chinese antique furniture industry, when you really see the complicated tenon and tenon joints, many people will be dumbfounded on the spot and dare to be so exquisite. How many? Not to mention the process structure, just list the names of those tenon and tenon to get a taste of one or two. The names are roughly: brown corner tenon, shoulder tenon, chuck tenon, raglan tenon, grid shoulder tenon, corner tenon, Through tenon, dovetail tenon, hook tenon, pipe and pot tenon, Luo Guoxi, Bawangxi, etc., there are too many of them, not just a few words can explain it. Why is the mortise and tenon structure so complicated and so strong? In fact, the structure has also evolved continuously in the development of history. According to research, our country has used the tenon-and-mortise structure for more than 7,000 years. As early as the Hemudu culture of the Neolithic Age, the use of the tenon-and-mortise structure has been discovered. After a long period of practice, evolution, and becoming more reasonable, we have the exquisite and complicated manual craftsmanship we see now. And what is valuable is that our craftsmanship is not for complexity and complexity, but for firmness, practicality and exquisiteness. Needless to say, it is exquisite, but it is firm and practical. It is said that the wooden structure of the Temple of Prayer for Good Harvests is all tenon and tenon, and there are no iron nails in the whole body. Is the craftsmanship practical and exquisite enough? There are considerable reasons for rejecting iron nails in Chinese furniture. Take a simple T-shaped structure as an example. It is difficult to ensure the stability of the structure if it is simply combined with iron nails, and it is easy to change the angle between the timbers, and the precisely inserted structure of the tenon and mortise can completely To ensure its firmness, and the iron nails will continue to corrode and age, it is completely unsuitable for Chinese furniture with the reputation of 'ten thousand years of prison'. If it is applied, it will be a failure. Another point is that the materials of high-end hardwood furniture are very hard, and if iron nails are used, it is easy to cause the wood to split. In addition, environmental and climate factors should not be ignored. The south is hot and the north is cold, the south is wet and the north is dry. The furniture will inevitably appear openings and mouth openings, which will affect the firmness of the structure, and the furniture of the tenon and tenon structure will not affect it repeatedly. Longevity and robustness. In Yuan Henry’s warehouse, there is a huanghuali pot stand that Yang Bo collected from the people. It has been worn out and full of vicissitudes. At first glance, it is something old. The simple combination of a few sticks is still so strong. , The mortise and tenon structure is very powerful. Many people think that many western-style furniture are assembled on site at the destination, and it is very convenient to screw a few nails to Pakistan. Who knows that Chinese-style furniture is the 'originator' of this aspect. Many large-scale Chinese furniture are assembled on-site, with tenon and tenon joints, seamless, and easy to repair if there are accidents such as bumps. The tenon and tenon structure is the essence of Chinese furniture and the foundation of Chinese furniture. It can be said that there is no Chinese furniture without the exquisite tenon and tenon craftsmanship. Furniture that is not entirely made of tenon and tenon structure can not be regarded as authentic Chinese furniture. It is these perfect structures that do not reveal the mountains and dews that give us too much aftertaste, too much nostalgia and too much pride in our lives. In this era of nostalgia and publicity, self and advocacy of nature, Chinese classical furniture allows us to enjoy the fragrance of its classical, natural and aesthetic qualities in our desire to return to the basics and the quality of life.
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