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Tenon and piercing

by:Jinlon Furniture     2022-01-26
Chinese-style furniture has a tenon on the component itself. Due to the limitation of the wood material, the tenon can only be made on the straight end of the wood grain, and the tenon on the horizontal grain end is easy to break, so it cannot be used as a tenon. If the two components need to be connected, and because of the wood grain, they cannot be used as a tenon, then another piece of wood can be used as a tenon, and they can be connected by 'planting a tenon' or 'piercing a pin'. Ming-style furniture often uses planting tenon in the following situations: one is to join thick plates, planting tenon in the joint, and gouging and bonding; the other is to use planting tenon and wiper in some cocked cabinets or the cocked end of the cabinet. Combination; the third is certain clip flowers, such as double loops, which are combined with the upper and lower components with a planting tenon; the fourth is the corner teeth of the table, or the teeth of the frame, the hanging teeth under the head of the clothes rack or the basin rack, etc. More tenons are planted on one side, and tenons are left on the other to be combined with adjacent components; fifth is the pattern decoration on the bed wall and the cabinet door made by the method of arranging and connecting buckets, which are often combined by planting tenons; the sixth is a table The epithelium of the table tooth strip, the epithelium of the leg-wrapped or one-leg three-tooth desktop stack, and some are connected with the bottom surface of the side wiper; seven are 'two uppers' and 'three uppers'. 'Two uppers' refers to a table made of two pieces of wood for the waist and teeth, and 'three upper' refers to a table made of three woods for the waist, teeth and cheeks, between the waist and the teeth and the waist Tenons are often used to combine the three teeth, tooth strips and cheek support, to prevent separation, seams, and irregularities; eighth, the bottom edge of the two sides of the official suitcase and the back are combined with the bottom base. Piercing is different from planting tenon. The tenon is generally short and hidden; the pin is longer and obviously exposed, so it is mostly used for the inner skin of the component, and it is invisible on the surface of the furniture. Tenon and piercing pins play a great role in connecting and fixing furniture components, and they are sometimes necessary.
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