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Ten points to distinguish true and false huanghuali

by:Jinlon Furniture     2021-12-05
One must be 'pure': there should be no nails on Huanghuali furniture. Due to the preciousness of the material and its great strength, the production of high-quality huanghuali furniture and handicrafts requires meticulous carving just like the carving of jade. The wooden dowel structure must not have iron nails, and only have considerable depth. Artists with production skills can complete it. Second, 'planing': strong toughness and small internal stress are the outstanding characteristics of huanghuali wood. It is not as brittle as mahogany, which makes it easy for carpenters to identify it during construction. When the planer blade is very thin, only huanghuali wood can have long spring-shaped shavings, while mahogany has only fragment-like shavings. Third, 'ask': If anyone says that they have a large number of Hainanese huanghuali crafts, especially new ones, then you have to be careful! Because Hainan huanghuali has long been a national first-level protected plant, the country has long forbidden logging ! Fourth, 'find the difference': There are some 'ghost faces' on the surface of the huanghuali. A grimace is caused by scars during the growth process. Its scarring is different from ordinary trees. It has no rules and presents beautiful patterns. People call it 'ghosts'. But it cannot be said that Huanghuali wood has ghosts. Five important 'color': The color of Huanghuali varies greatly, ranging from black, reddish brown, yellow, white, and red, but the extremely precious black-red Hainan Huanghuali is extremely difficult to find. In addition, its heartwood and sapwood are very different. Its heartwood is reddish brown to deep reddish brown or purplish reddish brown, with uneven depth, often with dark brown stripes, and its sapwood is grayish yellowish brown or light yellowish brown. Extended reading: The difference between Hainan and Vietnamese huanghuali is six 'splashing': Use a knife to cut some of the ground, put it in a cup, and splash it with hot boiling water. There will be a layer of oil on it, which is gleaming. The blue light seven should 'look': the texture is smooth, the texture is clear and beautiful after the new material is polished, and the visual perception is excellent. There are wheat ear patterns and crab claw patterns, and the texture may be hidden or visible, vivid and changeable. Eight must 'taste': Use your tongue to taste the slightly bitter taste. Nine needs to 'smell': the scent is thick, but it is spicy, and the nose can smell some sour. Ten must 'touch': The air-dry density of Huanghua pear is equal to or greater than 0.76g/cm3, the wood is hard, the hardness is high, it feels good to the touch, it is rough and not prickly, and it can feel oily. Even after touching, the fragrance lingers on the hand.
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